Joining in with the ‘Making Winter’ project started by Silverpebble and Thriftyhousehold I thought I would bring you some photos of the things that have been making my winter so far. Going through my photos I was surprised by how many began with the letter C!

Firstly Candles, an absolute essential at this dark end of the year!

Cakes, of all shapes and sizes, these are rock cakes but there have been many varieties.

Candy Canes, mmmmmm!

Chilli, not terribly festive but warming all the same and most definitely vegetarian!

Christmas trees (this is just one of three) and Christmas Cards the number growing by the day!

Cookery book and Cat journal, a lovely giveaway win from Poppycock & Other Creative Nonsense blog. Thank you Sally! 🙂

Charlie the Cat, my gorgeous little man. 🙂

And finally Christmas Crochet, well I couldn’t do a post like this without squeezing in a bit of crochet now could I? 😉

Have a look here for links to more blogs taking part in ‘Making Winter’ and check out the Making Winter Flickr Pool too!

Thanks as always for visiting me here this week, have a wonderful weekend and for those of you waiting for Santa only 9 more sleeps!!! 🙂