Here we are at the beginning of a bright shiny new year and I love it!

I’m now in pre-spring, in my books winter is now over, December is the only month in winter in my world! January and February are pre-spring, March to May are spring, June to September are summer and October and November are autumn. It’s just how I deal with it all, five seasons and nine months of spring/summer! πŸ™‚ What a beautiful start to pre-spring we have too, dry, bright and sunny! This month I start my spring cleaning so that it’s all done when spring properly arrives and I can get back out into the garden.

I couldn’t move into the new year though without taking a look back at 2011. On the whole it was a good year, I picked one photo from each month but there were so many photos to choose from in fact I got my yearly report from wordpress and apparently I uploaded 989 photos onto my blog this past year. Also if Green Rabbit Designs had been a concert it would have sold out the Sydney Opera house for 17 nights in a row, they do have a fun way of giving you your stats! I’ve had fun on the blog looking at the changes in my tree, taking you for a walk in ‘my park’, showing you my knitting and crocheting, a little bit baking and lots of flowers and gardening. Of course all these things were made all the more fun by having all you lovely people to share them with, so thank you for being there.
2011 was the year of many kittens, watching our son perform with his band, our 30th wedding anniversary and of course right at the end my daughter and her boyfriends engagement (wedding will be summer 2013), again thank you for all your wonderful comments on all these events.

So we’re all ready to take on a new year with new adventures and lots of blogging fun along the way!

I wish you all a wonderful, fantastic, healthy, fun and adventure filled year!

Happy 2012 !!! πŸ™‚