I’ve been encouraged to pay more attention to the sky this week by Annie from Knitsofacto.
Annie has just launched Project :: Sky 365. Anyone can join in and you don’t have to commit to daily photos, they can be weekly or even less often, just join in when you like. Check out this post for all the rules.

I have decided to join in when I see a sky I really want to capture but that may be more often than I first thought as I’m already now more aware of what’s going on above my head!

The first three photos were taken yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon when the sky was quite angry looking.

This photo was taken just after lunchtime today (Thursday) and as you can see we had a beautiful day today.

This one was taken late afternoon today as the sun was going down.

And this one was of tonight’s moon with it’s beautiful halo, you can just about see some stars too!

So thank you Annie for making me look up!

Check out the Project :: Sky 365 flickr group for some stunning photographs.

Thanks as always for your visits this week, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, I believe it’s going to be a chilly one and don’t forget to look up! 🙂