That’s teacups etc. not the country!

As you all know, because I’ve gone on endlessly about in the last few weeks, I’ve been spring cleaning. This week it’s the turn of the kitchen. Today I’ve been emptying the cupboards, washing everything and tidying it all away again. A lot of my cupboards are full of china which to my shame is taken out washed and put away again until the next big clean never being used in between. Most of it was given to us as wedding presents over 30 years ago now but some of it we bought ourselves and some belonged to my mother.

This was a wedding present and even though I’m not a ‘pink’ girl is one of my favourites. It’s Royal Albert ‘Lady Carlisle’.

This piece of Carltonware belonged to my mum and it is a piece that I do use as I’m very fond of it.

These pretty little sandwich trays also belonged to my mum, in fact I remember buying the one with violets on for her birthday many years ago.

Glass this time, which again belonged to my mother. I must say I have a re-newed love for these little butter dishes.

Other bits and pieces received, purchased and gathered up over the years!

This coffee set is another Royal Albert set ~ ‘Lavender Rose’.

Royal Albert again this time ‘Cottage Garden’, we received quite a bit of Royal Albert as wedding presents obviously the present of choice 30 years ago.

Finally one which I bought for myself, it’s Queens ‘Virginia Strawberry’, now I really love this china and unlike some of the others I do use it from time to time.

So there you have it the tip of my very large china iceberg which is now all washed, dried and neatly stacked in my clean kitchen cupboards until the next big clean!!

Thanks for ‘visiting’! 🙂