Everything is a bit grey around here today but in a good way! Even the sky is grey but as it is still so very mild I really don’t mind, so long as the blue sky doesn’t stay away for too long!

The yarns are grey!

The fabrics are grey!

And the knitting is grey!

Now as we know black and white make grey, so it really is a wonder that this lot don’t turn grey they’re so mixed up……….

RJ at the back, Jessie on the right, Charlie in the middle and Polly at the front! πŸ™‚

Just to prove it’s not all grey around here today I do have a pretty little potted gerbera on my table to add a little bit of colour.

Well the weekend is almost upon us again, where time goes to is a mystery to me. This weekend I’ll be able to shop for the first time in a Cath Kidston shop without going to the mainland or shopping on-line as she is opening her first shop in N.I. today in Belfast.
The new shop is just across the street from Avoca, almost next door to Paperchase, down the street a little from Whitestuff and around the corner from Accessorize (can you tell my favourite shops here), so happy days!!
If you’re free on Saturday afternoon you’re very welcome to come shopping with me!!

Happy weekend! πŸ™‚