As you can see from the little primula in the window box on my dining room window it’s been a bit damp around these parts today! Very mild but grey and damp.

So what does one get up to on a wet Wednesday. Well aside from the boring things and I have to say there have been way too many boring things to do today for my liking!

I have been finishing up a new bag and some new corsages.

No sooner have I finished something and sometimes (almost always) even before it’s finished I’m planning what I’m going to do next! So I have been having a play with some yarn and fabric and beads to see what I come up. I just wish my hands could work as fast as my head (and I didn’t have any boring things to do).

And just in time for dinner, I managed to get a Lemon Drizzle Cake baked. It was still warm when we had a slice after our meal, warm and sticky and lemony (obviously)!

So despite the boring I did manage to fit in a little playtime.

Happy Wednesday, hope yours wasn’t too wet and thanks for visiting.
Slice of cake anyone? 🙂