I’m linking this post with the ‘Making Winter’ series organised by Silverpebble and Thriftyhousehold. This is the last of four months of posts to help ease the pain of winter and make it something to celebrate.

Now as you know I left winter behind a while back as the Green Rabbit calendar has been in pre-spring season for two months now and come Thursday 1st March we will, according to the Green Rabbit calendar, be in spring ( I don’t go by equinoxes)!

However as I have taken part in this project all along, I thought it only correct to join in with the final one and to finally put winter to bed and what better way to do it than with a rainbow!

Rainbows always appear when the sun comes out after the rain and I hope my little rainbow signals the end of cold, wet, grey days and the start of clear, bright, sunshiny days!

I chose yarn in the seven colours of the rainbow.

Made seven little buttons in the same seven colours.

And crocheted seven corsages with seven petals each.

Lets hope this is the start of seven long months of happy bright days!!!

Check here for others taking part in ‘Making Winter’ and here for some lovely images.

Happy Tuesday everyone, spring’s coming!!! 🙂