March 2012

What an absolutely brilliant week, weather-wise, it has been! 🙂

The cherry blossom is in full bloom now and has been looking wonderful against the blue sky. I just can’t believe how much the trees have opened up with the good weather.

Tulips, daffodils and flowering currant are all showing off in the sunshine!

I definitely think everything seems so much better when the sun is shining, don’t you?

I hope to still have some daffs in bloom for Easter, the milder weather has brought them all out sooner than usual. Such joyful little flowers.

It’s great to be able to do a garden post with lots to show again.

All sorts of little creatures have been encouraged out into the sun.

Some bigger than others!!! 😉

Polly obviously thinks the garden furniture has been put there for her own personal use!

Sadly, having just listened to the weather forecast, this is probably the end of our lovely weather for a while. Today has been cooler than of late and I think the weekend doesn’t look good.
Such a shame, it is very easy to get used to the sunshine.

So next week may be ‘staying in to knit and crochet’ weather again!
I have a little person in the making, I’ll hopefully get her finished over the weekend and let you see her next week.

Have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to and whatever the weather.
Don’t forget my giveaway which ends tomorrow.
See you all next week! 🙂

In the past couple of weeks I have been very fortunate in receiving many lovely things including gifts from family and friends, giveaway wins and little gifts to myself!

I received some beautiful gifts from my husband, son and daughter for Mother’s Day and I’d like to thank all three of them very much for being so kind! There were some sweets too but they didn’t make it to the photographs!!!

Recently the postman delivered this gorgeous covered notebook to me, it was a gift from my lovely friend Pam. Pam covered the notebook in a beautiful rabbit print fabric in a colour that is very dear to my heart! Check out Pam’s lovely creations here and here.
Thank you so much Pam, I love it! 🙂

One day when reading my bloggy friend Jane’s blog, I found she had just listed this beautiful bag charm in her shop and I immediately had to have it. In fact I bought it so quickly Jane actually wondered where it had disappeared to in her listings, I think that maybe she thought she had deleted it when listing it! 🙂

I enter many blog giveaways and there are so many beautiful items offered by lots of lovely blogs, usually though I’m not lucky enough to win. However when another of my lovely blog friends Mia had a recent giveaway, I was one of the lucky winners and was very fortunate to win this beautiful felted pouch. Isn’t it gorgeous, go have a look here to see Mia’s other lovely creations!
Thank you so much Mia! 🙂

Mia recently created a sweet little treasury over on Etsy called Run Rabbit Run Rabbit. Now everyone knows my love for these little creatures and when I spotted this pretty little brooch I couldn’t resist and it had to be mine! It was from Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear and they have other rabbity items too (oh dear!!!).

I came by this absolutley gorgeous little block via a giveaway too over on Annie’s blog. Unfortunately though I didn’t win this giveaway but I had to have my block anyway. The prize was to design your own block (colour and word) and then the very, very clever Fee from Chipper Nelly would make it for you. I had chosen a green block with ‘rabbit’ on it for obvious reasons and I contacted Fee and arranged for her to make it for me.

It arrived beautifully wrapped with it’s own pretty little bunny tag! You can find more of Fee’s lovely blocks in her ‘Not on the High Street’ shop and check out her Flickr photosteam for more beauties!

Finally I have to warn you I am now in full Easter mode, I just couldn’t not buy this pretty green glass egg on Saturday, I do love this time of year! ‘C’ seems to go on for about 4 months a year but Easter just goes by in a flash, I want it to go slowly so I can enjoy it all the more!

So as you can see I have been a very lucky girl of late. I have given you lots of links today so why don’t you have a look, maybe spoil yourselves, you know you deserve it! 🙂

It really is like summertime here today, hope you all are enjoying this sunny springtime Monday.

Have a good week, thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t done so already don’t forget to put your name in the hat for my giveaway! 🙂

Good morning everyone and welcome to my little blog which today is celebrating it’s third blogiversary!!

As I have explained before I was a slow starter but as soon as I got going there was no stopping me. I do enjoy my little space where I can share lots of things with you. Speaking of ‘you’ I would to thank you all for your visits, although I think everyone should blog for themselves it would be a lonely place without you all dropping in for a chat! Your comments are so appreciated and I have made so many friends through blogging.

So in true blogging tradition I’m having a giveaway to celebrate with three separate prizes, one for each year. Each one will include one of these spring daisy brooches. There is a pink one, a blue one and a lilac one, if you have a preference for any of the colours just mention it in your comment, first picked will have first choice etc.

I’m also including a little notebook bearing a motto which I myself adhere to on a daily basis! 😉

And to help to you ‘Keep Calm’ I’m also including some white chocolate fondant filled bunny sweets (this is the hardest bit of the giveaway to part with)!! 😉

To take part and be in with a chance to win one of the three prizes you just simply have to leave me a comment on this post, it’s open to everyone. The giveaway closes at midnight 31st March 2012. Along side the giveaway I’m also giving 10% off everything in my Etsy shop until 31st March as well, just enter ‘THREE’ at the checkout to receive your discount.

Thank you all so much for making blogging fun!

It’s such a lovely day here, hope you’re enjoying some spring sunshine too. 🙂

*** The giveaway is now closed!!! ***

This is my new Black Cherry Bag, black as in the colour of the bag not the cherries, hanging rather appropriately in my bursting into life cherry tree!

It has been knit in a charcoal grey (so not quite black) wool/alpaca mix yarn.

I have pinned on my little cherry brooch which I first showed you here. I did go on to make a Strawberry Bag and a Raspberry Bag but I’m only now getting round to finishing the Cherry Bag almost 7 months later (whoops)!!!

I have an unusual reason for my choice of fabric for the bag lining, it’s because it reminds me of the Cherry Lip sweets I used to eat as a child. As a vegetarian I don’t eat them now but I do think the little print looks like them, a bit of a loose link to cherries though!

So my cherry tree has almost come full circle since I first started the making of this bag, great to see it coming to life again.

Today is officially the first day of spring, of course the ‘Green Rabbit Calendar’ has been in spring for a wee while now, it’s good though that everyone else has caught up! 😉

Happy Tuesday! 🙂

Wishing you all a very happy St Patrick’s Day and a wonderful Mother’s Day tomorrow!!!

And that goes for Jessie too!

Beautiful day here, hope your’s is too, happy weekend. 🙂

I would like to introduce you all to Lavender Rose Rabbit.

She came about when I picked up the leftover yarn from my Lavender Rose brooches which I made last week and began crocheting a bunny head (as you do)!! I had no real intention to make a bunny it just happened.

It’s no secret how much I love rabbits and I have knitted many in the past when my daughter was young using various patterns including many from Debbie Bliss. I’m a huge fan of Julie’s from Little Cotton Rabbits, who knits the most beautiful rabbits and other gorgeous little creatures. I also love the work of Susan from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and Beth from The Linen Cat and Helen from Helen Philipps makes wonderful little buns too. I have never crocheted a bunny before until now and I have to say crocheting lends itself well to toy making.

Lavender Rose has been keeping me company in the greenhouse while I sow some seeds.

And she has definitely been keeping an eye on those rascal cats in the garden!!!

Will I be crocheting any more little bunnies? Well I’ll have to see about that, it was my own pattern which I made up as I went along but rather foolishly I never wrote anything down! I’m no seamstress and even though it’s not very big making that dress was a fiddly business. However I’m not ruling it out as I can see more little creatures in my head, we’ll just have to see!!

Happy Thursday everyone, the sun has managed to show it’s face for the first time this week, hope it’s shining on you too! 🙂

Hi everyone, just dropping in to share a little idea I had over the weekend.

Granny square brooches!!!

I’m not saying they are an original idea but they are new to me.

They are crocheted in a cotton/linen mix yarn and I’ve added a cute little flower button to the centre.

There are four different designs and are in my shop now.

Hope your week has got off to a great start!
Happy Monday! 🙂

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