Good morning everyone, spring has sprung and I’m a very happy bunny!!!

Just look at the sky we woke up to this morning.

The little buds are coming along nicely.

We even have a pair of magpies building a nest in our sycamore tree. Bless them they have been beavering away at this for a while now. Under the tree is strewn with sticks that they have dropped in the process but they just keep going no matter how many fall to the ground. They do seem to be getting somewhere now as a nest now seems to taking shape.

I have lots of pretty daffodils in bloom now with their sunshine colour brightening up the garden.

They really are beautiful flowers and definitely one of my favourites.

Of course I had a go at making my own daffodil corsage although I think mine looks more like a narcissus!

So if you’re in the northern hemisphere I hope you are enjoying the first taste of spring today.
If you’re Welsh or of Welsh descent or have chosen Wales has your adopted home, Happy St David’s Day!
These little bunch of daffs are for you, you Welsh certainly now how to choose a national flower.

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a wonderful weekend, thanks as always for visiting and for all your lovely comments.