I would like to introduce you all to Lavender Rose Rabbit.

She came about when I picked up the leftover yarn from my Lavender Rose brooches which I made last week and began crocheting a bunny head (as you do)!! I had no real intention to make a bunny it just happened.

It’s no secret how much I love rabbits and I have knitted many in the past when my daughter was young using various patterns including many from Debbie Bliss. I’m a huge fan of Julie’s from Little Cotton Rabbits, who knits the most beautiful rabbits and other gorgeous little creatures. I also love the work of Susan from Mary Jane’s Tearoom and Beth from The Linen Cat and Helen from Helen Philipps makes wonderful little buns too. I have never crocheted a bunny before until now and I have to say crocheting lends itself well to toy making.

Lavender Rose has been keeping me company in the greenhouse while I sow some seeds.

And she has definitely been keeping an eye on those rascal cats in the garden!!!

Will I be crocheting any more little bunnies? Well I’ll have to see about that, it was my own pattern which I made up as I went along but rather foolishly I never wrote anything down! I’m no seamstress and even though it’s not very big making that dress was a fiddly business. However I’m not ruling it out as I can see more little creatures in my head, we’ll just have to see!!

Happy Thursday everyone, the sun has managed to show it’s face for the first time this week, hope it’s shining on you too! 🙂