This is my new Black Cherry Bag, black as in the colour of the bag not the cherries, hanging rather appropriately in my bursting into life cherry tree!

It has been knit in a charcoal grey (so not quite black) wool/alpaca mix yarn.

I have pinned on my little cherry brooch which I first showed you here. I did go on to make a Strawberry Bag and a Raspberry Bag but I’m only now getting round to finishing the Cherry Bag almost 7 months later (whoops)!!!

I have an unusual reason for my choice of fabric for the bag lining, it’s because it reminds me of the Cherry Lip sweets I used to eat as a child. As a vegetarian I don’t eat them now but I do think the little print looks like them, a bit of a loose link to cherries though!

So my cherry tree has almost come full circle since I first started the making of this bag, great to see it coming to life again.

Today is officially the first day of spring, of course the ‘Green Rabbit Calendar’ has been in spring for a wee while now, it’s good though that everyone else has caught up! 😉

Happy Tuesday! 🙂