Hello everyone, just dropping in to bring you some moments from my day.

It is still slightly chilly around these parts but due to the recent April showers the garden and trees are greening up nicely as you can see by my sycamore tree.

Ok, here goes, my Monday moments…………..


The Forget-Me-Nots are in full bloom.
It’s onwards and upwards for the tomato seeds!
Some little plants awaiting warmer days before being planted out!


Charlie, what a handsome lad he is and his good looks are matched by his beautiful nature and temperament, I adore this little cat.
The not often photographed Lily, Lily has always been quite withdrawn and shy and not keen on too much fuss but lately she has wanted to be my friend which is of course lovely.
And then there’s Jessie, well what a madam she is, ‘imp’ would be a good way to describe her!


A pile of circles which will be become squares, which will then become a blanket ~ eventually!
Lots of bunny bits and pieces which will of course become bunnies.
These Cath Kidston colour inspired granny squares are not mine, they belong to my daughter who has taken up crochet and is making a blanket. She says she has found her yoga, I love to watch her do it, that’s my girl. πŸ™‚


Well I think these three photos sum up today perfectly. Sometimes blue skies, sometimes grey. Sunshine and showers, just as April should be I suppose, a little bit of heat wouldn’t go amiss though!

Happy new week, hopes it’s more sunshine than showers! πŸ™‚