May 2012

You would not believe how many of these creatures I lifted out of my garden yesterday, I had a flower pot full of them!

They have snail power alright, not of the speed variety but they certainly have the power to munch their way through my plants!!!

They munched on my foxgloves and lupins……….

………and my delphiniums and sunflowers!!!

Thankfully though it’s not spoiling how the plants look!

As they are all blooming their little hearts out.

I really do love this time of year when it’s all happening in the garden despite the best efforts of our shelled friends and their chums the slugs!

And what became of the flower pot full of snails, well they went to the ‘dark side of the fence’. Now that isn’t a euphemism for something horrible, I don’t approve of their behaviour but I would not harm them, no they really did go to live on the dark side of the fence at the top of my garden. There are a pile of pine needles there from my neighbours awful pine trees, I don’t know just how happy the snails are about this, I just wish they would eat the pine trees instead of my plants!!!

Now here we have altogether better behaved creatures (mostly ;)), Charlie and Lily watching the raindrops fall of the leaves. Yes raindrops!! We had rain this morning (how dare it) but thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon and the sun came out again.

Wishing you sunshine and a snail-less garden! 🙂

Now I know I said there wasn’t going to be any more holiday posts but this one really is a shopping post.

The above photo shows some of my French shopping.

I just had to visit the beautiful La Droguerie for some yarn and fabric shopping. I also paid Phildar a visit too, I love their yarns as well!

Then there are the markets, where I picked up the gorgeous buttons in the photo.

I also love all the lovely linens and ceramics that are available to buy, all of them are so tempting and many of them so inexpensive.

For example the jug in the photo above was only 4 euros and the little linen cloth that it is standing on was only 99 cents, how about that for a bargain!!!

I was also thinking of you my bloggy friends when I was away and how lovely it would be to bring you all a little holiday souvenir, well that would have been a bit difficult but what I did do was bring some things for a holiday souvenir giveaway!

There are two French vintage inspired postcards and a little net of French lavender up for grabs.

Now how do you enter the giveaway, well you can’t, not anymore, it’s already over and a winner has been picked!!! So you’re wondering how you missed it, well truth is you probably haven’t. I decided that it would be a surprise giveaway and all those lovely people who commented on my three holiday posts were entered into the draw. If you commented on all three posts you had three entries, twice gave you two entries, etc.

In total there were 44 entries (entries closed midnight Mon 28th May, British Summer Time) with number 1 being the first comment on my first holiday post and number 44 being the last comment on my third holiday post.

Using the Random Number Generator the winner picked was ……………………………………

comment number four who was Jooles from Sew Sweet Violet!!
I’ll be in touch with you Jooles for your details.

Thank you all again for the lovely comments on my holiday posts, sorry there wasn’t a gift for you all! I actually liked doing the giveaway this way, I think I may do it this way again.

Happy Tuesday everyone, thanks as always for ‘dropping in’ to see me, I hope you all have a wonderful week with lots of sunshine! 🙂

This is the last instalment of my holiday photos, I’m sure you’ll be glad to hear! 😉

Today we will be visiting Biot, Cannes, Juan Les Pins, Valleris and Golfe Juan.

Thank you all so much for your patience and lovely comments, I now have a record of my holiday which was so lovely and which seemed to go all too quickly, sadly!

I hope you all have been enjoying this fantastic weather we’ve been having.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and I’ll ‘see’ you all next week! 🙂

Thank you all for the lovely welcome back and it doesn’t seem so bad being home again now that the sun has decided to shine!

Everything seems so much better when the sun shines!

So I’m here today with the second part of my holiday pictures, the photos today are from St Jean, Beaulieu sur Mer and Nice.

Thank you for staying with me, there were quite a lot of photos today! They included one of my favourite places to visit when in the south of France, the fruit and flower market in Nice on a Saturday morning! I just wish I could share the scents with you too, the smell of lavender in the air is so amazing!

Just one more batch of photos to come (I promise) and then I will have recorded all of my holiday, thank you for bearing with me!

Happy Tuesday, hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! 🙂

Hi everyone, I’m back and I’m here to share some holiday snaps with you. Please don’t panic with the ‘Part 1’ in the title, I promise it won’t go on for days it’s just I have so many photos, too many for one post.

Can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled to be back to the cold and the rain, I could very easily get used to over 30 degrees C. I’ve practically sat on my hearth beside the fire since returning home!!

We did have a wonderful time with wonderful weather and as always it flew in far, far too quickly. We spent some time lying around in the sun (me), some time swimming in the sea and the pool (husband), a lot of time eating, quite a bit of time walking and a good bit of sightseeing, oh and a little bit of shopping too!

Right I’m going to keep quiet now and show the photos, todays pics are from Biot, Cannes and Antibes!

Well thank you for indulging me, hope you enjoyed todays photos, I’ll be back soon with some more.

Have a lovely new week, better weather they say, fingers crossed it’s true. 🙂

It’s all happening at the moment in the garden and especially in the greenhouse.

Little green shoots are popping up everywhere!

Some have been potted up, some have been planted out and more seeds have been sown. I’m really looking forward to lots and lots of fruit, flowers and veg this summer!

I spent quite a bit of time in the greenhouse this week trying to get everything in order as on Tuesday we head off to the south of France for 10 days!
My next door neighbour will make sure everything gets watered and no doubt I’ll see a huge difference in them when I return home again.

So I’ll not be here for a couple of weeks, we’re really looking forward to our little holiday, take care everyone and I’ll ‘see’ you all here soon! 🙂