Hi everyone, I’m back and I’m here to share some holiday snaps with you. Please don’t panic with the ‘Part 1’ in the title, I promise it won’t go on for days it’s just I have so many photos, too many for one post.

Can’t say that I’m exactly thrilled to be back to the cold and the rain, I could very easily get used to over 30 degrees C. I’ve practically sat on my hearth beside the fire since returning home!!

We did have a wonderful time with wonderful weather and as always it flew in far, far too quickly. We spent some time lying around in the sun (me), some time swimming in the sea and the pool (husband), a lot of time eating, quite a bit of time walking and a good bit of sightseeing, oh and a little bit of shopping too!

Right I’m going to keep quiet now and show the photos, todays pics are from Biot, Cannes and Antibes!

Well thank you for indulging me, hope you enjoyed todays photos, I’ll be back soon with some more.

Have a lovely new week, better weather they say, fingers crossed it’s true. πŸ™‚