You would not believe how many of these creatures I lifted out of my garden yesterday, I had a flower pot full of them!

They have snail power alright, not of the speed variety but they certainly have the power to munch their way through my plants!!!

They munched on my foxgloves and lupins……….

………and my delphiniums and sunflowers!!!

Thankfully though it’s not spoiling how the plants look!

As they are all blooming their little hearts out.

I really do love this time of year when it’s all happening in the garden despite the best efforts of our shelled friends and their chums the slugs!

And what became of the flower pot full of snails, well they went to the ‘dark side of the fence’. Now that isn’t a euphemism for something horrible, I don’t approve of their behaviour but I would not harm them, no they really did go to live on the dark side of the fence at the top of my garden. There are a pile of pine needles there from my neighbours awful pine trees, I don’t know just how happy the snails are about this, I just wish they would eat the pine trees instead of my plants!!!

Now here we have altogether better behaved creatures (mostly ;)), Charlie and Lily watching the raindrops fall of the leaves. Yes raindrops!! We had rain this morning (how dare it) but thankfully it cleared up in the afternoon and the sun came out again.

Wishing you sunshine and a snail-less garden! 🙂