We really do need reminding that it’s summertime, don’t we!

After what was a reasonably good start to the week here, it has taken a turn for the worst.

At this time of year I really look forward to spending time in my garden and enjoying it.

It really is a case of ducking the showers and getting out there when I can, if I’m lucky, sometimes the showers last all day.

Lots of lovely stuff is happening out there too, when we do get a little dry spell I’m out there with my camera.

You just have to grab the moments when you can!

Wouldn’t it all look so much better in the sunshine though!

Even though I detest the rain there is something quite pretty about raindrops on leaves, don’t you think ~ but just once in a while.

As I can’t always get out to ‘play’ with my flowers, I’ve had to resort to staying in and making some!

At least it stayed dry long enough for me to pick some spinach for the pasta at teatime!

With the help (or hindrance??) of Jessie!!! πŸ™‚

As I type this I can see a bit of blue sky, better late than never I suppose! So I think I’ll make the most of it and take a walk in the park, it could raining again tomorrow!!!
Hopefully not though!