Summer returned, or should that be arrived, today and a welcome visitor it was too!
So good to see some blue skies and sunshine although I have to admit it wasn’t really hot but I’m not complaining as I am more than grateful for a dry day!

I wasn’t the only one happy, the little bees were happy too. 🙂

They just love this buddleia, the bush just buzzes.

They weren’t the only bees in the buddleia, there was another little Bea there too!!

Meet Beatrice Bunny, known to her friends as Bea.

Bea like the bees is a very busy little girl and at the end of a busy day she likes nothing better than some hot buttered toast spread with honey!!

She wears a bee in her ear and …………

……has bees on her bee-striped cardigan and bees on her skirt!

So all in all a bee loving girl. 🙂

Lets hope this new week ahead has lots more summer sunshine for us all!

Happy new week. 🙂