I thought another visit to ‘my park’ was in order now that there are some new arrivals!

There are quite a few new swan families on the lake, all of course very beautiful.

The little ones are quite trusting but I wish they weren’t, not all humans are nice.

Mum and Dad however are not as trusting and when they think you’ve over stepped the mark, they let you know in no uncertain terms!

“This is my new baby and you’re close enough!!!”

“Come on little ones, those humans have taken enough photos!”

There are some new little goslings too! The geese are my favourite park birds, I love their attitude and their bright orange beaks and feet and they have the most adorable babies too!

There are some little ducklings as well but the only time I saw them was one evening when unfortunately I had no camera with me. They were so sweet, 11 of them following their Mum like little floating pom poms. Mummy duck must keep them well hidden as I have never seen them since.

Cute or what??? 🙂