Firstly can I say that these photos were taken yesterday as the promised good weather seems to have passed us by today. When they said the Jet Stream was moving and the result would be better weather they obviously didn’t mean the northern parts of the UK. I actually prefered our weather when the Jet Stream was further down!

The forecast for us this week is poor, so sorry all southerners but I wish the Jet Stream would go back to where it came from!

Yesterday allowed some garden time although it wasn’t very sunny, at least it was dry.

I just find it all very frustrating, as it’s July and I should be outside!!

This is how things looked outside in the garden this morning!! I only took this one photo as I was getting soaked!

So as I can’t get out I’m turning circles into squares into a blanket.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite little flowers………..

Lily! 🙂

Have a good week all, hope the Jet Stream is being kind to you!