August 2012

Some little applique flowers that I have been crocheting this week, I can’t seem to get away from these colours, I love them! 🙂

It’s a long weekend in the UK this weekend and as it’s my OH’s birthday on the bank holiday Monday and my birthday and our wedding anniversary next month it’s the time of year we like to treat ourselves to a little city break.

So early on Sunday morning we’re taking ourselves off to Edinburgh for a few days and I’m really looking forward to it, Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities. Then when we return we have a family wedding so I’ll probably not be back here until the beginning of September with my tales of Auld Reekie.


How scary is that!!!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and if you’re in the UK enjoy your extra day!

‘See’ you soon! 🙂

At last!!! We have had a run of beautiful summer days with warm sunshine. I’ve now remembered what summer is supposed to be like!!

I’ve been enjoying my garden and my garden has been enjoying some welcome sunshine instead of wind and rain.

We are starting to enjoy some of our vegetable harvest but it is very poor this year. The beetroot was very disappointing and the tomatoes are only beginning to ripen although there are lots of them, fingers crossed for lots more sun to bring them on. The strawberries are just beginning to ripen and I have no raspberries or blackcurrants to speak off. Spinach, peas and courgettes have been good. I’m blaming the dreadful weather in June and July and have been thinking that if this is how our summers are going to be, maybe turning my raised bed into a cutting patch is the way to go next year. I suppose I could grow a few veg in between the flowers. Something to think about during the long dark days.

Now my post title had the word ‘Lazy’ in it, here’s why………………………………..




It’s a hard life being a cat!!!

Just before I leave you all I would like to thank the lovely Claire from Handmade by Claire Bear for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award, thanks Claire!!

Happy Tuesday everyone, enjoy the rest of the week and thanks as always for visiting me here! 🙂

It has been all neutrals here this week!

I started squares for a new autumn blanket, now I know I still have my spotty blanket on the go but I just fancied a wee change (you know how it is). The squares will become less neutral as I go along as I add more autumnal colours but the centres are all going to be ecru. I’m starting it now so that it will be ready for autumn and not that I think autumn is near you understand, as we all know according to the ‘Green Rabbit’ calender autumn doesn’t begin until October!!!

I’m also knitting up my gorgeous Sparrow yarn. This is my third attempt at using this yarn, the first shawl I started I didn’t warm to at all, nothing wrong with the pattern, just me! I then frogged the lot and started to crochet a scarf but I didn’t like that either, so off I went to Ravelry in search of a pattern that I liked and would do justice to this beautiful yarn and this is the pattern that I found and I’m using this variation. I’m loving it, so I think I’m finally putting my lovely ‘Sparrow’ to good use!!

My last bit of neutral crafting are two new little brooches which I have made using Rowan Handknit cotton and this is where the zing comes in, I bought these two little citrus buttons in my local yarn shop this week, just because I loved them! I think they bring the cream cotton to life.

Let’s hope we have some zing in the sky this weekend, it has been in short supply this week that’s for sure!! After the wild and windy weather we have had the garden is like a diaster area with debris everywhere and it’s really annoying me having to look out at it. So some good weather would be nice if only to get my garden tidied.

Hope you all have a zingy weekend! 🙂

I’ve just finished another little ‘Green Rabbit’, her name is Olive.

She has been crocheted in an olive green cotton/bamboo mix yarn and wears a little cardigan knitted in Rowan Handknit Cotton with two small olive green buttons.

When I think of olives I always think of France and the beautiful olive trees that grow there. Olive’s skirt is made with Parthenay fabric which I bought in La Droguerie in Nice when we were there earlier this year. So I suppose you can say she is another French inspired bunny.

I think she is my favourite bunny so far, I love the colours.

Not much chance of growing many olives here, the rain was bouncing off the road this morning!! The sun is shining now but the forecast is not good! Here we go again.

Have a good week, rain or shine! 🙂

Be warned this post contains large amounts of yellow!!!

Well we have had a sunshine week and my beautiful sunflowers are out in all their glory enjoying the amazing weather. They really are sunshine in flower form and my absolute favourite flower.

I took these photos over a number of days to capture this sunflower opening.

This is the view I get when looking out of my kitchen window, certainly makes the boring tasks more bearable looking out at this.

Have you ever seen a more happy flower!

I did warn you that there was going to be a lot of yellow!

As you can see I spent a bit of time taking photos of my sunflowers this afternoon but none takes the place of one of my favourite photos ever. I took it a couple of years ago, you can see it here. I haven’t had a photo opportunity like it this year yet, there’s still time though if this gorgeous weather continues.

You knew this was coming didn’t you!! When I finished with the camera I brought my yarn and hook outside and made two little sunflowers while enjoying the sun (and my sunflowers).

Here we are at the end of another week and almost at the end of the London Olympics too. I will be sad when they’re over they have been great and London has done an amazing job of hosting them. Well done to Team GB too for an excellent medal total and fingers crossed more to come before it’s all over.

Thank you all so much for your visits and lovely comments.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the Olympic Closing Ceremony! 🙂

Meet Sage!!!

Sage was made as a companion for a little flowergirl. Her dress included a little piece of the bridesmaid’s dress material so that she toned in with the bridal party.

She had her big day at the wedding last Friday. I think Sage enjoyed her day and her new little friend loved her!

Wishing you all a wonderful new week, I think this is the place to be in the UK today, we have sun!!!! 🙂

Pretty post in both senses of the word, ‘post’ as in delivered by the postman and I hope when you see all these lovely things you’ll agree that this blog ‘post’ was indeed a pretty one too.

I love Etsy, so many beautiful things to part you from your money, that ‘commit to buy’ button is a dangerous thing!! During July I have been pushing that button quite a bit and I have included some of my purchases here so that you can check out some gorgeous shops.

I have also been lucky enough to win a couple of pretty giveaways too and I have included those as well. So lets get started!

The beautiful hare pictured above is Mademoiselle Bloom and she has come to live with me all the way from the Loire Valley, not sure I would be happy to leave the Loire Valley but she does seem to have settled in and as she is a garden lover she was happy to pose among the nasturtiums. She was made by the very talented Stephanie whose shop you can find here.Stephanie writes the beautiful blog Millefeuilles and I have watched her make her hares over the past few months waiting for the time that they would appear in her shop. I have to say they didn’t hang around for very long and were all snapped up very quickly indeed.

Just look at the pretty embroidery on Mademoiselle Bloom’s feet.

On a recent visit to Stephanie’s blog I admired this lovely little drawing by her daughter Héloïse and said that if she decided to produce cards from it I would definitely buy one, so imagine my delight when in the box along side Mademoiselle Bloom I found the original drawing, I was thrilled. It’s one of those drawings that no matter how often you look at it you find something new! Thank you so much Héloïse!!

Another one of my recent purchases is this pair of beautiful little earrings. The photo doesn’t really show the colour very well as they are a pale duck egg blue. I bought them from Linkel Designs a great little shop with lots of lovely jewellery.

Some more jewellery this time by my lovely blogging friend Simone. Simone has quite recently opened her shop and sells cards, gift tags and jewellery. I just needed this bracelet as soon as I saw it!!

Now I’m no stranger to Pomadour’s Craft Cafe. I love Japanese crochet books, they are works of art in their own right.

So many fantastic things to make in this book!

Now on to the giveaway wins! I have been very fortunate lately on the giveaway front!

This beautiful package arrived from the lovely Madelief. Madelief’s blog is one of the prettiest around and definitely worth a visit if you haven’t done so already.

I was so lucky to win this brilliant Vintage Tea Party book full of all sorts of wonderful recipes and ideas. Thank you so much Madelief!

My final show and tell is this amazing corsage which arrived just a couple of days ago and was a surprise giveaway win from Gina another lovely bloggy friend. Gina creates beautiful textile work and makes wonderful cakes too!!! She is also on Etsy here. Thank you Gina, I love it and have been wearing it ever since it arrived!

So there you have it, my recent pretty post. I have given you lots of links to check out, maybe you too will be tempted to ‘commit to buy’!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, the sun is shining at the moment which is great and Team GB are climbing the medal table which is fantastic!! Thanks as always for your visits.

Happy weekend. 🙂

Unusually for me I’ve been crocheting in pink this week, with a little bit of cream and a little bit of brown thrown in.

All the time I’ve been crocheting it has been reminding me of something ~ something nice!

All those colours together just say to me ~ Neapolitan ice cream!!!

So much so that I had to go out and buy some, delicious it was too.

Sometimes inspiration works in reverse. 🙂

Hope you’re all having a good week, thanks for visiting, just wish I could give you all a bowl of ice cream! Did I mention it was delicious! 😉