At last!!! We have had a run of beautiful summer days with warm sunshine. I’ve now remembered what summer is supposed to be like!!

I’ve been enjoying my garden and my garden has been enjoying some welcome sunshine instead of wind and rain.

We are starting to enjoy some of our vegetable harvest but it is very poor this year. The beetroot was very disappointing and the tomatoes are only beginning to ripen although there are lots of them, fingers crossed for lots more sun to bring them on. The strawberries are just beginning to ripen and I have no raspberries or blackcurrants to speak off. Spinach, peas and courgettes have been good. I’m blaming the dreadful weather in June and July and have been thinking that if this is how our summers are going to be, maybe turning my raised bed into a cutting patch is the way to go next year. I suppose I could grow a few veg in between the flowers. Something to think about during the long dark days.

Now my post title had the word ‘Lazy’ in it, here’s why………………………………..




It’s a hard life being a cat!!!

Just before I leave you all I would like to thank the lovely Claire from Handmade by Claire Bear for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award, thanks Claire!!

Happy Tuesday everyone, enjoy the rest of the week and thanks as always for visiting me here! 🙂