It was lovely to be back in Edinburgh for a few days, we’ve been many times before but it’s been 3 years since our last visit.

We arrived just as they were lighting the Paralympic caldron!

We also caught the end of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival which always provides lots of fun on the streets!

Our weather was a mixed bag with some sunshine and a few showers as well but it didn’t spoil our fun.

Princes Street Gardens are a lovely place for a walk.

As you can see this was one of our better days.

The gardens had a lovely floral display for the 2012 London Olympics.

We stayed in a lovely hotel in the Grassmarket area and this was the view from the dining room as we ate our breakfast in the mornings.

This is the famous Jenners department store from the outside……….

……….and the inside!

This is Victoria Street which is supposed to be the most photographed street in Edinburgh and the home of k1 Yarns.

Armstrong & Sons Vintage Emporium. You wouldn’t believe the clothes in here, from every decade. I spent ages looking through the 1980’s handknitted mohair sweaters, they were amazing.

The statue of Greyfriars Bobby, such a sad story, you know I could never ever watch the film, way too sad for me.

This restaurant is the birthplace of Harry Potter, JK Rowling did her writing in here!

We watched tartan weaving and ……………

………learnt how Scottish whisky is made!

We also took ourselves off to the zoo on one of the days!

Now I do have some problems with zoos, I’m not always convinced they are in the best interest of the animals. I know many do great conservation work, Edinburgh being one of them, I can only hope that the animals kept there are happy.

I did put my reservations aside though in Edinburgh and perhaps this was hypocritical of me but I knew that I probably wouldn’t in my lifetime ever get the opportunity to see this again………………………

This is Yang Guang, his name means Sunshine and he is one of Edinburgh Zoo’s Giant Pandas. How gorgeous is this boy, I would have loved to have given him a big hug but looking at those claws perhaps that wouldn’t have been such a good idea. Just looking at him took my breath away he was so amazing.

I have to say that all the panda photos are my husbands as flash wasn’t allowed (understandably) and they were behind glass and my little camera which was running low on battery couldn’t cope. As well as all that I realised that if I was more interested in taking photos I was going to miss out on the animals themselves, so I gave up and enjoyed the pandas instead.

There are only 1500 pandas left in the wild, their breeding season lasts for two days and their diet of bamboo is very limited, if we’re not very careful we’re going to loose these beautiful creatures forever.

I suppose this is were zoos come into their own with their breeding programmes for those pandas that are in captivity and I know Edinburgh hope to have baby pandas in the future. I still like the idea of all this happening in the wild though.

This Mrs Panda her name is Tian Tian which means Sweetie and this is exactly what she did for the whole time we were there. I would have loved to have seen her pretty face but part of me liked her attitude and the fact that she did her own thing and couldn’t care less about us peering in at her.

It was such a privilege to get this close to these wonderful animals!

Edinburgh is very proud of it’s new residents, there are pandas everywhere, even on the buses!!

And for all you ‘tin loving’ girls take a look at this!!!!!

Well if you are still here thanks, it has been quite a long post!

We had a lovely time in Edinburgh, it is a great city and well worth a visit!

My highlight of the trip ???

It has to be this truly amazing beautiful boy!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone, thanks for visiting! 🙂