There’s a lot of talk about the changing season at the moment. I have to admit there is a September nip in the air in the mornings and the evenings but oh my what glorious weather we have had this week!! It’s well into the twenties today, sunny and hot and much better than most mid-summer days!!

Certainly the garden still thinks it’s summer, in fact it probably thinks summer has just arrived!!!

Well that’s until I look under my tree………..

Perhaps autumn’s not that far away, although according to the Green Rabbit Calender it doesn’t start until 1st October! 😉

One thing I know for certain that has arrived is my birthday, another year older but I’m not bothered by that, not when there’s lots of lovely pressies on the go to ease the pain!!! Thanks to all my lovely family and friends for all the beautiful gifts I have received, thanks also to my dear bloggy friends for their cards and presents too, you know who you are you lovely people!!

I’m spending the evening with my family which is exactly the best way to spend my birthday.

Happy weekend everyone, thanks for stopping by!!! 🙂