Cats and crochet can be difficult sometimes!!!!

This is Charlies take on wool winding!!!! As you can see from the blurry photos he put a lot of effort into the task!

I have to say it is a much better pastime than running around the garden with a frog in his mouth with me running after him in my dressing gown, which was what happened one morning last week!!!! I did manage to rescue the frog which had by now been passed to Jessie and was playing dead but thankfully wasn’t. I put the poor frog in a box to recover from the shock and then my husband took him to live in a much nicer place without cats!!! The joys of sharing the world with cats!! I just don’t do the hunting thing very well, rabbits don’t do horrible things like that!

He’s a clever boy that Charlie though, he rubs against my legs, looks into my face with those eyes and like a fool I forgive him ~ again!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone, we have sun ~ yay!!! 🙂