It has been a lovely week, weatherwise and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to get outside into the garden. It’s a strange mix at the moment as the leaves are changing colour and the berries are out on the shrubs but at the same time there are still strawberries ripening!


I couldn’t resist taking a pic of these oranges, I love a full fruit basket, I love how it looks however it doesn’t stay like that for very long, it soon gets eaten but then that’s what it’s for! There has been a bit of chocolate cake baking and a bit of toffee apple eating, a bit too much some would say!


What would a week be without the kits. Clockwise from top left, Charlie, Jessie and Lily.


Flowers inside and surprisingly outside too. My cosmos is in full bloom, long may it last.


I spotted this flock of geese flying over the house yesterday, I might have missed them completely if it hadn’t been for the noise they were making, such a lot of honking!!! The little snail was snoozing in my flower border this afternoon, just as long as he goes somewhere else for his tea! As for the other photo, I have no idea at all what they are. I’m guessing they are eggs of some sort, there were a lot of big slugs round about them but if anyone knows what they are I would love to know.


Crochet! A week wouldn’t be a week be without crochet! The bunnies, I know you’ve seen them all before, were out in the garden for a photoshoot for Facebook and I made some new crocheted brooches too.

Well as you will have worked out by now I’ve been having a little play about with PicMonkey today, it was fun sorting out my photos into little groups.

So that was my week, not a lot different to most of my weeks but that’s the way I like it!

I hope you all a lovely weekend, keep warm as it’s going to get a lot colder over the next few days and thanks as always for your much appreciated visits and lovely comments!!! 🙂