I really can’t believe we’re at the end of yet another month and that 10 months of this year have passed already!!!!
We are however and today is Halloween, time for all things spooky. We don’t really do spooky in our house but there are a few pumpkins about and some little autumnal decorations, the little hedgehog in the above photo is from a pattern by Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits which you can find here. We also have nuts and sweets for the Trick-or-Treaters and we’ll have a Halloween pudding later as well.

Next year I’m definitely going to try and grow pumpkins especially a white one as I have seen white pumpkins on so many blogs and I want one!!
Growing and gardening is pretty much over for this year with just a bit more tidying to do as plants come to an end. I did manage to get my tulips planted this week, so I’m looking forward to the time of year when they’ll appear.

As gardening time is reduced, crocheting time has increased and I had a lovely little crochet commission this week which you can see below.

Crocheted Mistletoe

Poppy Red Crocheted Brooch

Crocheted Coloured Acorns

The above Berry Brooch was part of one of my secret giveaways. A couple of posts ago my comment total reached 5000, I had been keeping an eye on it to see who my 5000th commenter would be as I had planned a little giveaway to mark the occasion and the person was the lovely Simone from Linden Grove! So Simone won the brooch plus a little pincushion and a set of needles, the sort you would have found in your granny’s sewing basket which I bought from the gorgeous Avoca shop. Simone has been a very loyal blogging friend over the years.

Well as you can see I’ve been playing around in PicMonkey again! 🙂

I need to stop ‘playing’ now though as I have an Halloween pudding to make, apple sponge I think, with custard of course!!

Happy Halloween!!! 🙂