I can’t believe we are the end of another week, where on earth do they go to!!! I managed to get out for a look around the garden this morning for the first time this week, as it has been another dull, damp and dismal one. There is still amazingly a bit of colour out there!!

I still have some cosmos in bloom and there are many little buds on the plants but I doubt if they’ll make it to flowers at this late stage of the year.

This geranium is flowering it’s little heart out, it has however been moved inside the greenhouse now to protect it from the weather. Although we haven’t yet had any frosts worth talking about! Our November weather really has been damp and strangely mild at times.

I had a bit of fortune this week when I received an email from the lovely Jooles of Sew Sweet Violet to tell me I had won her generous giveaway of Sarah Raven narcissi bulbs. The bulbs arrived during the week, 45 in all, with three different varieties. Thank you so much Jooles and Sarah Raven.

Now all I need is a sunny day to get out into the garden and get them all planted. I also have some more tidying to do as some bedding now needs removed and other plants need cut back. It’s not easy gardening in November!!!

I have spent the time when I could have been in the garden this week doing a bit of knitting and crocheting …….

I finished the little bag I showed you in my last post and ……….

I also made another little cardigan for a new bunny that is in the making at the moment.

So not completely unproductive but I do miss the time spent in the garden, fingers crossed for better gardening weather next week.

Thanks as always for dropping by and have a lovely weekend! 🙂