Poinsettia’s always seem to feature in one of my posts in the run up to Christmas and I seem to make them in some form or other, a brooch in this post and a bag in this one.

This year of course I have made a little poinsettia bunny whose name is Polly!

Made in 100% merino wool, Polly wears a poinsettia print skirt and a green linen/cotton mix yarn cardigan with a little handmade poinsettia button and as with all my bunnies has a little ear decoration.

Holly (my last bunny) and Polly are sisters and I’m pleased to say Polly is off to live in the same family as Holly!!

This poinsettia is from last Christmas and this is the first time I have ever had a poinsettia survive until the next year. After last Christmas when it started to loose it’s leaves (as they do and never seem to re-cover them), I cut it all back, there was just a little stump and I then put it in the greenhouse where it has remained until now. During the summer it slowly began to grow back and it’s looking quite healthy now, whether I’ll get any flowers or not I don’t know but we’ll see!

I also made a new poinsettia brooch too using cotton yarns and faux pearls. So it’s been a bit of a poinsettia week around these parts!

Well here we are almost at the end of another week, I hope you all have had a good one and I wish you all a lovely weekend and to my friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thanks as always for dropping by and leaving your wonderful comments, I do love it when you do! 🙂