December 2012

2012a Collage

It was so hard to choose just one photo to represent each month of 2012 as I have uploaded so many during the year! I have tried to cover everything that this little blog is about as well as representing the year that was 2012.

As you know I believe it’s never too early to look for spring and I began the year doing just that, February brought Valentines Day and all it’s sweet treats!!
During March, while playing about with yarn and a crochet hook, I made a rabbit, her name was Lavender Rose, well wasn’t she the start of something, many, many more bunnies followed.
April brought us Easter, my very favourite time of year, bunnies and chocolate, who could ask for more!

2012b Collage

May time is France time and we enjoyed a wonderful holiday in the south of France, while June brought us the Diamond Jubilee in all it’s red, white and blue glory!!
July was spent mostly in the garden and despite some unseasonal weather, flowers bloomed. From the end of July through to mid August we enjoyed the wonderful 2012 London Olympics and at the end of August we had a mini break to Edinburgh where I managed to tick something off my bucket list, seeing a panda in the flesh!!

2012c Collage

Now of course the cats featured many times on my blog throughout the year, this particular photo is of Charlie helping me with my crochet in September. October brought autumn time and autumn crafting.
November as always makes us stop and remember the sacrifice of others.
Then quick as a flash we were in December, where I seemed to spend most of the month crocheting Christmas bunnies!

So here we are at the end of the what has seemed to me the fastest year ever! Generally it has been a good year and we have had lots of enjoyable times. Bunnies always feature on my blog but this year they featured strongly, I have had so much fun making them and thank you for all your encouragement and support. Thank you all so much for being with me during 2012, thanks for your visits, your lovely comments and your friendship, the blogging community is a wonderful thing and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

So a new year beckons and for us personally I expect the first six months are going to be a very busy time as we have our daughter’s wedding in July. I fully intend to keep on making bunnies and hopefully there’ll be lots more cats, flowers, gardening and outings in this little space too. I do hope you’ll join me and if I could ask one thing of 2013, it would be, please go a bit slower than 2012!!

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very happy, healthy, peaceful and wonderful new year!!! 🙂


A few weeks before Christmas I got a message from Santa Claus asking me if I would make a rabbit for him as a certain little girl living in Yorkshire had put a Green Rabbit bunny on her Christmas list. Now I’m sure some of you lovely people out there who are makers will have had a similar request from this special gentle man before and of course will know how he makes contact, however I can’t reveal how it was done, as with all things concerned with Santa Claus, it is all top secret.


This of course was very exciting for me, being asked by the great man himself to make a bunny for him to deliver on Christmas Eve. So I set to work and picked my yarns, material and buttons and when I had decided on her colours, her name just came to me, she was going to be called Rosebud! She has rosebuds on her skirt, a rosebud in her ear and a little rose button on her cardigan.


Just as I can’t reveal how Santa contacted me about making a bunny, I also can’t reveal how the bunny got to Santa for him to deliver on Christmas Eve. Everything is such a big secret!!! I do know that she arrived and that the little girl is very happy with Rosebud. It was a very special thing to be asked to do!


I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We had a very enjoyable, quiet, family Christmas here!

The new year is fast approaching bringing with it the springtime and you know how much I look forward to that! 🙂

There is a 25% off sale in my shop at the moment, if you’re interested, just enter WINTER2012 at the checkout!

Happy weekend! 🙂


I love it when we reach this day of the year, the Winter Solstice, it’s so hopeful. I know that tomorrow there is going to be a little more daylight than there was today. I know that we probably won’t notice it just yet but the fact that it will happen is just enough to make me happy. Changes are already happening, little flowers are coming out, bulbs are pushing through and I even saw some buds on a tree today, so all wonderfully hopeful!!!


As this is my last post before Christmas I thought we would do a little catching up with what I’ve been up to. I’m still bunny making, this little lady is Misty, it was lovely making the Christmas bunnies but it was nice to move on to less festive ones again.


I’ve been a very lucky girl again and have won another lovely giveaway, this time from Sally. Thanks to Sally for a very generous parcel of goodies!!!

DSCN8529 DSCN8533
DSCN8548 DSCN8535

I have also received some lovely gifts and cards from bloggy friends, I just love the friendship that exists in blogland! Thanks to Simone, Mia, Jane and Gill!!!


I’ve also given myself a little gift, I’m calling it my salary from Green Rabbit Designs for the year!!! I’m beyond excited about this little baby!

Tree decoration Collage

Lastly just a collection of our tree decorations, some of them almost as old as me and some just new this year, exactly how a collection of Christmas decorations should be, I think.


So here we are almost at Christmas Day, I think this has been the quickest year ever and certainly December has flown by.
I want to thank all of you lovely people for visiting me here and for leaving all your lovely comments, post after post. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with those you love.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and all the peace of the season!
I’ll see you all on the other side!


belfast 8

I live about 20 miles from the city of Belfast but it’s a place I visit almost every Saturday (it’s where all the best shops are). Twenty minutes on the motorway and we are in the city centre, it’s a place I love.

There is no doubt it sometimes gets a bad press (sometimes more than sometimes) but show me any society where there aren’t a few idiots (or ejits as we say here)! The media do have a lot to answer for as things are often blown out of all proportion.

Belfast in the weeks leading up to Christmas has been like any other city anywhere in the world, sparkling with lights with people busy shopping and making their Christmas preparations.

Today I thought I’d share some of the lovely festive images of our capital city!

belfast 2

belfast 4

belfast 7

belfast 3 belfast 6
belfast 10 belfast 11

I have to say thanks again to my Hb for the photos, I was too busy shopping to take photos! 😉

belfast 12

We have a very misty morning here this morning but the sun is now breaking through and I think we’re going to have a lovely bright albeit chilly day!

Hope all your Christmas preps are going well, it’s only a week to go now!!!

Thanks as always for dropping in, thanks too for all your lovely comments on ‘Cranberry’ in my last post!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂


If you’ve popped in here expecting some wonderful festive recipe then I’m sorry you’re going to be disappointed! Cranberry is the name of my new little rabbit!


This is my last little festive bunny for this year, I’ve made six in total and I’ve had a lot of fun doing so.
By the way, the little rabbit block in the photo was made by the very clever Fee.


Cranberry like all the other Christmas girls was snapped up straight away and will have a new family for the festive season.


So here we are almost at the end of another week and Christmas is just around the corner, how on earth did that happen!!

Wishing you all a lovely festive weekend, thanks as ever for dropping by! 🙂


This is Ivy, another of my little Christmas girls, all dressed up in her ivy print skirt and red cotton cardie!

ivy collage

I’m very happy to say Ivy is already off to meet her new family and will be there in time to celebrate Christmas with them!


I’m already making another Christmas girl and this is her little cardigan, she should be ready soon and will be my last Christmas bunny for 2012.


Not very many words today, I need to go and get myself ready for a girls night festive dinner tonight!!

I’ll leave you with another of my tree decorations, this one didn’t get to stay on the tree very long last year as my daughter brought it back from Paris after she was whisked off there last Boxing Day by her now fiance to get engaged. It was almost time to take the tree down when she returned but this year the bauble has pride of place and a lovely reminder of her engagement and all the excitement surrounding it last December!

Thanks as always for dropping by and happy Tuesday! 🙂


I finished two more girls this week and they’re already on their way to their new family.

This is Hope and she’s a lovely Christmas red, the photo doesn’t really show her true colour, my browser actually makes her look a bit pink! Her cardigan has a touch of cashmere and a faux fur collar and she has a cotton skirt covered in little berries.


This is Hope’s sister and her name is Joy. Joy is made with white mohair and wears a little silver merino cardigan and a skirt with little parcels all over it in blue and silver.

I liked the fact that they went off on their journey together!


My giveaway ended last night and this morning I popped the numbers into the random number generator and the number chosen was number 9 and the ninth comment was from lovely Margaret a regular visitor to my blog and who does the most amazing stitching, so the goodies will be winging their way to sunny Spain, lucky them!!! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and for all your lovely comments and support, it’s all much appreciated.


The Christmas tree is now up and we’re all a-twinkle here in the Green Rabbit warren. This is one of my tree decorations, you didn’t think that there wouldn’t be a rabbit (or two, or more) on my tree now, did you. 😉

Happy weekend everyone, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

tree fest 1

This beautiful country church is the church where my husband and I were married in 1981, it’s the one where my parents were married way back in 1944 and it’s the one where my daughter and her fiance will be married next year in 2013! There have been many family weddings, christenings (including my children, myself and my mother) and sadly funeral services held here over the years. It’s a special place for all my family.

It is a very beautiful old building but last weekend it became (if possible) even more so when it hosted a Christmas Tree Festival.

There were over 70 trees within it’s walls decorated by local businesses, individuals, organisations and local schools, each being given a brief and then left to their own imaginations how they would interpret it.

It was absolutely amazing with people queuing over the four days to get in to see it, many people returning for a second time to take it all in.

I thought I would share some of it with you, just so you can see some of the many trees, if I were show them all it would be a very long post.

rainbow tree
Rainbow Tree

perfume tree
Perfume Tree

The following trees were all decorated by local children from primary schools, playgroups etc.

animal tree bethlehem tree
Animal Tree & Bethlehem Tree
butterfly tree nativity tree
Butterfly Tree & Nativity Tree
star tree ewe tree
Star Tree & Ewe Tree

Now some of the more unusual trees……

upside down tree knitted tree
Upside Down Tree & Knitted Tree
spreding the word cushion tree
Spreading the Word Tree & Cushion Tree

So just a little taster of the Christmas Tree Festival, there were so many more beautiful and clever trees.


Now this tree, the Gabriel Tree was a little bit special to me as I contributed a decoration to it!


This is my little angel!


She’s singing! 🙂

tree fest 3

This was the last tree you passed on the way out, actually there were three of them and everyone was asked to write a little note and tie it on the tree before they left.

It was an extremely successful event and thanks to the very generous donations made a lot of money was raised for the upkeep of this lovely building.

With the exception of the Gabriel Tree and my angel photos all the photos in this post belong to my hubbie, his all singing, all dancing camera is much more suited to these occasions than my little point and shoot!

church at night

Before I leave you just a reminder that my giveaway is still on until midnight tomorrow (Thurs 6/12/12), you can leave a comment here to enter.

Happy Wednesday everyone, the Christmas decorations are coming out tonight! 🙂