I finished two more girls this week and they’re already on their way to their new family.

This is Hope and she’s a lovely Christmas red, the photo doesn’t really show her true colour, my browser actually makes her look a bit pink! Her cardigan has a touch of cashmere and a faux fur collar and she has a cotton skirt covered in little berries.


This is Hope’s sister and her name is Joy. Joy is made with white mohair and wears a little silver merino cardigan and a skirt with little parcels all over it in blue and silver.

I liked the fact that they went off on their journey together!


My giveaway ended last night and this morning I popped the numbers into the random number generator and the number chosen was number 9 and the ninth comment was from lovely Margaret a regular visitor to my blog and who does the most amazing stitching, so the goodies will be winging their way to sunny Spain, lucky them!!! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway and for all your lovely comments and support, it’s all much appreciated.


The Christmas tree is now up and we’re all a-twinkle here in the Green Rabbit warren. This is one of my tree decorations, you didn’t think that there wouldn’t be a rabbit (or two, or more) on my tree now, did you. 😉

Happy weekend everyone, thanks for dropping by! 🙂