belfast 8

I live about 20 miles from the city of Belfast but it’s a place I visit almost every Saturday (it’s where all the best shops are). Twenty minutes on the motorway and we are in the city centre, it’s a place I love.

There is no doubt it sometimes gets a bad press (sometimes more than sometimes) but show me any society where there aren’t a few idiots (or ejits as we say here)! The media do have a lot to answer for as things are often blown out of all proportion.

Belfast in the weeks leading up to Christmas has been like any other city anywhere in the world, sparkling with lights with people busy shopping and making their Christmas preparations.

Today I thought I’d share some of the lovely festive images of our capital city!

belfast 2

belfast 4

belfast 7

belfast 3 belfast 6
belfast 10 belfast 11

I have to say thanks again to my Hb for the photos, I was too busy shopping to take photos! πŸ˜‰

belfast 12

We have a very misty morning here this morning but the sun is now breaking through and I think we’re going to have a lovely bright albeit chilly day!

Hope all your Christmas preps are going well, it’s only a week to go now!!!

Thanks as always for dropping in, thanks too for all your lovely comments on ‘Cranberry’ in my last post!

Happy Tuesday everyone! πŸ™‚