A few weeks before Christmas I got a message from Santa Claus asking me if I would make a rabbit for him as a certain little girl living in Yorkshire had put a Green Rabbit bunny on her Christmas list. Now I’m sure some of you lovely people out there who are makers will have had a similar request from this special gentle man before and of course will know how he makes contact, however I can’t reveal how it was done, as with all things concerned with Santa Claus, it is all top secret.


This of course was very exciting for me, being asked by the great man himself to make a bunny for him to deliver on Christmas Eve. So I set to work and picked my yarns, material and buttons and when I had decided on her colours, her name just came to me, she was going to be called Rosebud! She has rosebuds on her skirt, a rosebud in her ear and a little rose button on her cardigan.


Just as I can’t reveal how Santa contacted me about making a bunny, I also can’t reveal how the bunny got to Santa for him to deliver on Christmas Eve. Everything is such a big secret!!! I do know that she arrived and that the little girl is very happy with Rosebud. It was a very special thing to be asked to do!


I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas! We had a very enjoyable, quiet, family Christmas here!

The new year is fast approaching bringing with it the springtime and you know how much I look forward to that! 🙂

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Happy weekend! 🙂