This burst of yellow is an antidote to all that white out there in blogland today and comes from my lovely bunch of daffodils that have been brightening up my living room this weekend.

I think this little corner of the UK got off quite lightly with snowfall. It did snow on Friday evening and the quiz we were to go was called off, as is always the case here when a few flakes fall everything gets cancelled but by Saturday morning the snow has disappeared almost everywhere.


My son’s birthday got well and truly celebrated and a good time was had by all, snow definitely didn’t stop play!

no snow Collage

Just to prove that I’m telling the truth about having no snow, these photos were taken in my garden this morning.


Even though we’ve had little snow it has been cold and has definitely been crochet by the fire time, I even gave the park a miss this weekend but bunny making did take place instead.


Now as I type this, flakes of snow are falling but we did have a bit of rain this morning and the ground is quite wet so it’s disappearing as soon as it lands. Hopefully it will continue to do so because this IS pre~spring and there is NO place for any white stuff!!!

Happy new week everyone! πŸ™‚