Well the weather here has certainly changed, I can’t say it’s for the better but at 7 degrees C compared to earlier in the week it almost feels balmy!!! It is however extremely wet and windy and the above photo shows exactly what we are looking out at this evening.

25.01.13 Collage

So it’s going to be an evening of bunny cardigan knitting and seed catalogue perusing, which I have to admit I love, all those plants waiting to be grown.

Speaking of bunnies, I have finished the bunny that I gave you a glimpse of earlier in the week and the reason for the title of this post.

Valentina Collage

Here she is, meet Valentina!

Now I know I’m almost three weeks too early but she’s all ready for the big day and is in fact on her way to her new home.

She is of course completely dressed for Valentines Day with lots of hearts.


I hope you all have a great weekend, thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to leave all your lovely comments.

Happy weekend, see you all next week! 🙂