Guess what we woke up to this morning???


Yuck! It’s no secret that I loathe this horrible stuff but not everyone around these parts feels the same!!!

Cats in the Snow 2 Collage

Oh no, these two boys were having a ball in it!

Charlie and R.J. thought this was just the best fun ever.


Chasing imaginary things across the garden!


Wrestling with each other.

Cats in the Snow Collage

I took these photos from the safety and warmth of my living room. There was no sign of the girls at all just this pair of daft boys. Their paws must have been freezing!!!! It was very entertaining to watch though.


R.J. in particular just couldn’t stay out of it, he really loved it!

I, however, am glad to say that it is now raining and hopefully it will be all gone in the not too distant future.

Sorry R.J. !

Happy (snowless) Tuesday! 🙂