This little lady is Blush, she’s a shy little thing and just loves pink, as you can tell!!!


I had only intended to make two Valentine girls but it’s going to be four in the end with just one more to come.

This is my first pink bunny, as you know I’m not a huge fan of pink myself but I know lots of people out there do love it and in fact Blush is heading off to her new family today!

Blush Collage

So another week over and what a mixed bag of weather we’ve had, from snow to sunshine. One thing that is very noticeable though is the stretch in the evenings, it is still light at 5.30pm! Definitely pre~spring!

Let’s hope this weekend we all have some sunshine with no snow, rain or gales and lots of tea, chocolate and crafting! Now wouldn’t that be a perfect pre~spring weekend!!!

Thanks for dropping by.

Happy weekend! 🙂