I have, at last, some little crocuses in bloom in my garden and they have been opening up their little petals towards the very welcome sunshine this week.


They’re such brave little souls because despite the sun it has been bitterly cold outside these last few days.

Crocus Collage

You may well be wondering about the title of my post!

Well no, I’ve not started harvesting my own saffron, unfortunately my crocuses are not saffron crocuses!

Saffron Collage

Saffron is my new little girl and she takes her name from the beautiful colour that saffron spice produces. She also has an array of little crocuses on her skirt. Her colours also echo the sunshine we have been lucky to have this week (we’ll just forget about the low temperatures).

Almost the end of another week and February is disappearing very quickly. My daughter announced this morning that it is only 18 weeks until her wedding which I have to admit shocked me slightly, that doesn’t seem so far away now.

The ‘men’ have finished for the week now, having cleared the old kitchen completely and installed all the new electrics and plumbing. The kitchen fitters will arrive on Monday morning to install the new kitchen. My house is a mess but at least it is quiet again, for a few days anyway.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and as always thanks for visiting. 🙂

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