Well here she is my latest bunny ~ Betsy Buttons!

And buttons she has from her head to her toes ~ on her bow, her cardie and all over her skirt.

Tomorrow she will be on her way to the US to meet her new family.


I had hoped to have her finished by the end of last week but nothing has been going to plan in this house this past week or so!! However this evening I think I have said goodbye to the ‘men’, well I may have one coming back to finish off a couple of things now the tiling is finished but I think I can safely say we are nearing the end. Everywhere is so dusty though and when I look at it I do wonder when it will ever be clean! My kitchen does look good though and I am pleased, I will share some photos when we can see it from beneath the dust.


So there’s going to be lots of dusting and washing and mopping this week but hopefully there will be time for some bunny making too!

Happy new week everyone! πŸ™‚