Goodness what a lot of entries in the giveaway, thank you all so much for entering, thanks too to all those lovely Facebook folk who joined in the fun as well.

WordPress very kindly number all my comments which makes it nice and easy to use the Random Number Generator, there were a few people who left their comments in the reply section of other comments and didn’t get a number but please don’t worry if you did this as I gave you numbers at the end so you didn’t miss out on the draw.

So watched by the independent adjudicator (my husband) I loaded up the Random Number Generator with the 160 entries and pushed the button!


Number 55 was the chosen one and that was Gina!

Little Posie will be on her way to Gina today!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to enter it’s just a shame there can only be one winner.

There will of course be more bunnies, unfortunately though I have had to close my waiting list for rabbits for the time being as there are quite a few people on it now. I am going on holidays in the second half of May and when I return it will only be one month to my daughters wedding, so June will be very busy family-wise. I hope to clear the list before I go away on holiday but adding any more names now would mean those people may not be getting bunnies until mid-July onwards which in my opinion is too long to ask people to wait. I will of course continue to make them and when I have some available after everyone on the list has their rabbit, I will either open the list again or pop them into my Etsy shop. I do hope you all understand but family life is getting a little busy at the moment. There will of course always be rabbits, I enjoy making them too much, it’s just how I manage it all at the moment.

There are also so many more things I want to make too like the many blankets I have started also the Crochet Club which I was so lucky to win a place in needs caught up with as well!!! The garden is calling me too, sometimes 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough! I also want to try other little animals too like this little lady that I made for a lovely friends birthday recently!

Pricilla Collage

This is Pricilla and I had a lot of fun making her!

Thanks again for entering the giveaway and all your support for my bunny venture, I really do appreciate it!

Happy Tuesday! šŸ™‚