We took in a bit of culture on Saturday when we visited the Andy Warhol exhibition in the MAC (Metropolitan Art Centre) in Belfast.


We have been meaning to go for weeks and something always got in the way but with only a week left of the exhibition, this past weekend we made a point of seeing it.

Warhol 1 Collage

It wasn’t a huge exhibition but very interesting all the same. Andy Warhol is one of those artists that I think you either love or loathe. I have to say I love him. His images always take me back to my son’s and daughter’s GCSE and ‘A’ Level art days when he was always used as a point of reference. My son in particular was a fan. Those Campbell soup tins were always in the sketch books and if there is one thing I found disappointing about the exhibition is that there wasn’t a soup tin in sight!

Warhol 2 Collage





Warhol 3 Collage

Worth seeing??? Absolutely!