I really cannot believe that April is almost at an end, how on earth did that happen!!!

The most noticeable thing that April has brought with it, is a bit of warmth and that along with the rain has resulted in so much greenery in the garden and so many shoots and flowers sprouting up everywhere.


Not only is it lovely to see the garden growing but also lovely to be able to get out there and enjoy it, between showers that is!

April greens Collage

I really am enjoying the flowers, winter has been long and it is good to see them. The little narcissus with the orange centre in the above photo has the most amazing scent.


Well this little lady is not so much April greens but a green April! With her fresh green and white colours I have named her April. She has tiny black beads along the bottom of her cardigan to match the centres of the flowers on her skirt, they remind me of seeds.


So another weekend just around the corner, I hope it’s a wonderful one for you all!
Thanks as always for dropping by!

Happy weekend! 🙂