May 2013


Tomorrow morning my Hb and I will be flying off on our hols and after all the upheaval of new kitchens and decorating and wedding planning we are so looking forward to a relaxing ten days on the French Riviera. This will be our sixth time there so you will have worked out that we like it down there. We will be able to get our batteries recharged for the final run up to the wedding.

Viola Collage

I thought I would share a few garden photos with you before I go, I expect there will be big changes in the garden while I’m away, everything is growing like mad now!!!!






Look after yourselves my friends, I’ll ‘see’ you soon!

à bientôt 🙂


As this is one of the prettiest times of the year to visit ‘my park’ I thought I would take you on a little walk. Everything is so green and as the theme of my post is ‘bells’, it is a good time to show you all the bluebells that are now in full bloom!

Bluebell 1 Collage

I really don’t think my photos do them justice as the sea of blue is just amazing!

Bluebell 2 Collage

The blue and green together is so beautiful.

Invite Collage

Weddings ‘bells’ next and as it’s now less than seven weeks to my daughter’s wedding, the invitations have been sent out. They have been designed by my graphic designer son in the style of a vintage French postcard.

Kitchen Collage

I’m afraid this is a very tenuous link to the ‘bells’ theme but as I promised I would share it, this is how the ‘Bell’s’ kitchen now looks after the revamp!

I don’t have a huge kitchen but much better use of the space has been made and as the decorator has now finished painting it is all now complete, thankfully!!


So it’s the weekend again, can you believe it!!

Thanks as always for visiting me here in my little space, I love it when you stop by and say hello and please know that your comments are much appreciated.

Wishing you all a happy, sunny, springtime weekend! 🙂


The blossom on my cherry tree this year has been beautiful, sadly it’s also fleeting, I just wish it would stay around for a little longer.


The windy, wet weather we have been having of late hasn’t really helped either, there has been lots of blossom confetti flying around the garden.


As always my garden has been inspiring my crafting…….


I’d like you all to meet Blossom, she has been made in the colours of blossom and has lots of blossom on her little skirt.


I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last blogged, my time, sadly, is not my own at the moment! With wedding business and decorating there just hasn’t been time for taking photos, blogging or even bunny making!!!

I expect it’s going to be like this for a few more weeks (the wedding is 7 weeks on Wednesday), we have thankfully a little holiday in between times, sooooo looking forward to that!

Thanks as always for dropping in and have yourselves a wonderful week! 🙂


Just thought I’d pop in before the week completely disappears!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week around here, I’ve had a painter in the house and absolutely nothing is in it’s correct place, in fact I’m ready to run away!!! We have had quite a few rooms painted and furniture, cushions, curtains and ornaments have been moved from room to room and to be honest I’m not quite sure where to start to put things back in their place! It’s all such a mess, on the plus side though I do have lovely freshly painted walls!


We have also been seeing to some wedding things this week too, just over 8 weeks now until the big day.

So with all that has been happening garden time has been in short supply but there are still lovely things springing into life out there.


Crafting time has suffered as well with not one bunny finished this week!!!


Anyhow we have a long weekend here in the UK and with my Hb here at home for an extra day, I’m sure between the two of us we’ll knock this house into shape again.

Hoping the sun is shining on you all and from the handsome Charlie and myself, happy weekend! 🙂