June 2013


Wedding ‘Bells’ that’s what we are at the minute, that is all our lives consist of at present!

Although there are lots of things going on here, there is nothing I can share with you just yet so all I have to show are more pictures of my garden, sorry. It has been a little sanctuary for me, both it and ‘my park’, places to relax and forget about wedding stuff for a little while.


My orange buddleia is in bloom and…………


it’s a-buzz with bees! They love it!


I have a multitude of marguerites in bloom….


If you’re passing call in and I’ll give you a bunch!





So we’re on the final countdown now, the weather forecast isn’t looking great to be honest, so if you could please cross everything you’ve got for some decent weather, it would be much appreciated. It’s the one thing we can’t plan.

The dress comes home today!!!

The next time I’m back hopefully I’ll be able to share the wedding.

Happy weekend my friends! 🙂


Happy summer solstice to you, I do hope you have a little sunshine, it comes and goes here this morning! My beautiful yellow daisies are like the sunshine anyway, so we can drink in their amazing colour.


My garden, my park and nature are all carrying on with summer anyway despite the lack of sunshine on some days.

geese and goslings

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before the geese are my favourite park birds and there are a few little families of different ages.

geese and goslings 2

I took these photos on my phone yesterday evening, the geese were enjoying the late sunshine.


While cutting hedges my Hb disturbed this little moth and he was very good as he waited while I raced into the house to get my camera to take his photo.


My delphiniums are now in bloom, oh how I love these flowers, at dusk they are almost fluorescent.

Tall flower Collage

In fact I love all tall flowers, lupins, foxgloves, delphiniums, hollyhocks and sunflowers. My hollyhocks are on their way but no blooms yet and I’ll hopefully have sunflowers later on in the summer.


It has been a busy week wedding-wise, dress fittings, menu planning, table planning and we have a visit to the florist tomorrow. The only crafting has been wedding crafting which I’m not allowed to share with you yet! I do wish I had time for some bunny making though.


I’ll leave you with a photo of my red geranium, is there anything prettier than a red geranium in an old weathered terracotta pot!

Happy weekend and happy summer solstice! 🙂


Hi everyone, I feel that I’m not here very often at the moment and after looking through my photos I realised I hadn’t shared my latest bunnies with you. If you follow me on Facebook you will have seen them there but they never made it to the blog, such is life at the moment! I actually crocheted the bunnies when I was away on holidays and just had to finish them off when I came home.

June Collage

This little one is June and with her bright colours and flowers she celebrates summer which did arrive with June but sadly seems to have escaped us again.


I’d also like you to meet Flossie Flowerpot who is a gardener at heart and loves nothing better that potting up her summer bedding plants!!

Flossie Flowerpot Collage

June and Flossie were both snapped up straight from Facebook and are now living with their new families.


Well as you know my daughters wedding is very close now (18 days) and there has been lots of baking this week as we have had lots of lovely people visiting and leaving presents and viewing presents and lots of tea has been consumed. The photo above is just some of the many cakes, cupcakes, pavlovas and pies that have been baked in the last few days, these cupcakes have been decorated with the lovely crystallized violets that I brought back from the south of France.





Some blooms to share with you too, my poor garden has been carrying on despite not getting much attention from me this week. Truth be told I would much rather be gardening than baking! The results last much longer too!!!

Flossie and June Collage

So busy times and I expect they may get busier over the next week or so!!

The sun has made an appearance here this morning again, I hope it hangs around for while.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and thanks ever so much for dropping in and for all your lovely comments! 🙂


I’m taking you for a white walk in the park today, not white like this post, a different time of year and a different kind of white!


The white I’m referring too is the abundance of beautiful flowers and blossom in bloom in the park at the moment.



There is so much cow parsley, in fact there are swathes of it everywhere and very pretty it is too!


Lots of little clumps of daisies just waiting to be made into daisy chains!


Beautiful horse chestnut candles.


The hawthorn is so amazing this year, I’m sure that means something in folklore, I do hope it’s not a bad winter!!! My father would have known.


Isn’t the hawthorn blossom simply gorgeous.

white park Collage

Right along this path the trees are covered in white, it actually looked even more impressive a couple of evenings ago when the sun was setting, it was so bright today and the sun has bleached the photos a little and you don’t get the same effect.

white park 2 Collage

It wasn’t just the flora that was white, the fauna was mostly white today too. There were swans in various stages of life, babies, juveniles, expectant mums and young parents!

There were so many white butterflies too fluttering about, all too busy to pose for photos though!


It has been such a beautiful day here today and I think possibly the hottest yet. I do love a walk in ‘my park’, I love the sunshine and I love summer!!! 🙂


Well here I am with my second and final installment of my French holiday photos, I was going to do another post after this one but I decided to make just one more do, so it is a very picture heavy post, I hope you’ll bear with me.

As I mentioned in my last post we do like to visit the markets when in France and the above photo and the group below are from the market at Valbonne.

Valbonne Market Collage

So much produce in the little narrow streets!


Of all the markets the Saturday morning flower market in Nice is my favourite, the flowers are amazing and I just wish I could share the scent in the air with you!

french hydrangea Collage


Nice market Collage

The produce is fantastic too.

Nice 2 Collage

And there’s plenty to see with artists and street entertainers!

french buildings Collage

Of course no matter where you go in the south of France there is a photo opportunity, I just love shutters, peeling paint and geraniums.

italy Collage

On one of the days we took a little trip into Italy to a little town called Ventimiglia and naturally we did what anyone would when in Italy ~ we had ice-cream!




italy 2 Collage


We really did have a lovely afternoon over the border in Italy, it was such a beautiful day. It was the day of the Monaco Grand Prix and the above photo is actually looking towards Monaco. The train goes through Monaco on the way to Ventimiglia and after the stop at Monaco it felt like we were the only ones left on the train as everyone seemed to be going to the Grand Prix!

tourettes & st paul Collage

The above photos are from Tourrettes-sur-Loup and St Paul de Vence. Tourrettes-sur-Loup is known for it’s violets, it even had violets painted on the cobbles. I brought back some lovely violet decorations for cupcake making and the potter in the above photo is making beautiful pottery with little violets painted on it. We found the grave of the painter Marc Chagall in St Paul de Vence.


Well if you’re still here, well done, I thought I’d share one more photo of the beautiful Alps with the city of Nice below them. So that was our French holiday for another year but already I’m saving my pennies for next year!

Just in case you thought that we spent all our time in France running around, that wasn’t the case……..


…..there was plenty of this too!!! 😉


Hi everyone, here I am back again after my wonderful French holiday! I have so many photos to share that it will take more than one post to get through them all so I hope you don’t mind.


One of my favourite places on the Riviera is Cannes and as we always go in May we are always there during the Cannes Film Festival.

Cannes 2 Collage

Cannes Collage

I do love a walk around the harbour at Cannes, I think this is where I’ll keep my yacht, when I get one! 😉 I quite fancy one like the green one, so my colour!!!

Boules Collage

No matter which town or village you visit there always seems to be a boules match taking place and a very serious business it is too. This competition was one we watched in Cannes.


These pretty fountains are in Antibes and when it’s hot, which it was on the day we were there, it is very tempting to run through them!


We always love to visit the markets, Thursday morning is Antibes market and it is always so colourful.


The fruit and vegetable market is amazing, I wish we had markets like it here.


The harbour at Antibes has some fantastic yachts too! If you look in the background of the above photo you can see the snow on top of the Alps this always feels strange when you are taking the photo in almost 30 degrees heat!!

Well I think that’s enough photos for today, I’ll be back in a few days with some more.

Happy Monday, it almost feels like summer here today! 🙂