I’m taking you for a white walk in the park today, not white like this post, a different time of year and a different kind of white!


The white I’m referring too is the abundance of beautiful flowers and blossom in bloom in the park at the moment.



There is so much cow parsley, in fact there are swathes of it everywhere and very pretty it is too!


Lots of little clumps of daisies just waiting to be made into daisy chains!


Beautiful horse chestnut candles.


The hawthorn is so amazing this year, I’m sure that means something in folklore, I do hope it’s not a bad winter!!! My father would have known.


Isn’t the hawthorn blossom simply gorgeous.

white park Collage

Right along this path the trees are covered in white, it actually looked even more impressive a couple of evenings ago when the sun was setting, it was so bright today and the sun has bleached the photos a little and you don’t get the same effect.

white park 2 Collage

It wasn’t just the flora that was white, the fauna was mostly white today too. There were swans in various stages of life, babies, juveniles, expectant mums and young parents!

There were so many white butterflies too fluttering about, all too busy to pose for photos though!


It has been such a beautiful day here today and I think possibly the hottest yet. I do love a walk in ‘my park’, I love the sunshine and I love summer!!! 🙂