J&L Cake

Well the 3rd July 2013, our daughter and her now husband’s wedding day was everything we had hoped and planned for and much more. The weather behaved itself perfectly (thank you for crossing everything). It really was great and I can’t quite believe that a week has now passed since the ‘big day’!

As promised here a few wedding photos, I’m afraid we actually have limited photos at the moment as we were in so many of them and we’re relying on others to provide us with some until the official photos are ready. I know there were thousands (not exaggerating!) taken but we still only have a few !

Just a couple of things! The bridesmaids dresses were Copen Blue and not lilac which they appear to be in the group photo, they are more like the colour of the delphiniums in Lyndsey’s bouquet and I am really sorry but I don’t have any photos yet of the whole bridal party so you will have to take my word for it that the boys were all extremely handsome. Also I don’t usually have that grin on my face (I hope I don’t in all the photos) and my hair isn’t usually that big!



Wedding Collage

wedding flowers Collage

Heather and Lyndsey

J&L Cake (2)

So just a little snippet of the day, there was so much more captured which I don’t have any photos of yet, I can’t wait to see the official photos. She got the wedding she had always dreamed of and we all had a wonderful day!

They are on honeymoon now cruising the Mediterranean starting in Rome, visiting Naples and the Almalfi Coast, Malta, Mykonos, Santorini, Ephesus, to name a few and finishing in Venice.

Meanwhile here at home my Hb is off on holidays this week and we having lovely days out, picnicking, walking and enjoying this fantastic weather.

Happy Wednesday my friends and thank you all so much for your lovely comments, emails and good wishes for Lyndsey and Jonny’s wedding day!