Honeysuckle and roses, they just speak summer don’t they!


The hedgerows have been full of them this year, I think the recession has helped with our wild flowers, as the councils don’t seem to have the resources to keep the hedgerows trimmed and as a result all these beautiful flowers have been allowed to run riot!

Every cloud!


I love how honeysuckle and roses love to be together, growing beside each other and often around each other.


And the scent, two of the prettiest scents on the planet.


They’re not just in the hedgerows either, I have them both in my garden too.


They’re growing just below my bedroom window and the scent is amazing especially in the evenings.


Just like the hedgerows they’re growing side by side in my garden too.

Honeysuckle Collage

Is it any wonder then that I was inspired to create two new little summer girls. I think Honeysuckle will become one of my favourites, as I just love her cardie and skirt.

Rose Collage

I actually surprised myself that I hadn’t yet made a ‘Rose’, there has been a Lavender Rose, a Rosa and a Rosebud but never a Rose until now!


And here they are together in the garden as all honeysuckle and roses should be!

Happy Tuesday ! 🙂