August 2013


That’s one thing we will all be able to say about the summer of 2013, there were lots of blue skies and wasn’t that just wonderful!!!

I hope that they will continue for a few more weeks too, as according to the Green Rabbit calendar summer isn’t over at the end of August, oh no, it continues on into September!

With regards to the title of my post, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten how to spell, it refers to these two!


Meet Bleu and Skye!

Bleu Collage

Their skirts are made from beautiful Tilda fabric and where one of them is white the other is blue and vice versa.

Skye Collage

So another weekend has arrived, we have a wedding tomorrow so fingers crossed for blue skies!

Happy weekend everyone, thanks as always for dropping by! 🙂


As I mentioned in my last post I am in the process of getting my own little craft room and during a lot of sorting out quite a few little bits and pieces have come to light again. Some of them have been around for quite a while. I remember getting some of them from an elderly neighbour of my aunts when I was a young girl. The little doll faces came from this old lady, is it me or do any of you find them slightly creepy?






This crochet yarn is still in it’s original celophane!


It’s going to stay in it’s paper too!!!



A new way to take up your trousers and an implement from the time when people darned their socks! Maybe you still do!

On the subject of vintage treasures it was my Hb’s birthday today, good job he doesn’t read my blog! 😉

We headed to the coast for some lunch on what was a drizzly day.


It really was quite wet when I took this photo.


The lighthouse is Donaghadee lighthouse in County Down. The Irish Sea was looking quite grey and moody today.


This view is across Strangford Lough.


So there you are, I managed a post without flowers or rabbits!!! 😉
While I’m on the subject, can I just thank you all so much for all your lovely comments on my last post. In hindsight it looks like I was fishing for compliments, that wasn’t the case at all, I just felt that my posts were all becoming a bit samey. I love my quiet simple life it just doesn’t always make for exciting blogposts but you have all been very kind, so thank you!

So tomorrow my boy is home and we will continue the birthday celebrations with a family tea!

Wishing you all a great rest-of-the-week! 🙂


My week has been much the same as every other week lately, I haven’t been here at my blog as often in recent weeks because I feel I am repeating myself. Truth is I haven’t been doing anything different of late and I haven’t a lot to tell other than show photos of my garden and my bunnies and that’s ok with me really, I like a quiet life pottering around but I realise that can be a bit boring for others. Life was a bit full on leading up to my daughter’s wedding and I’m happy with a quieter pace!




Anyhow back to the garden (sorry), the flowers keep coming!!!


I’m also thinking about next years flowers too, these are little delphiniums sown from the seeds of this years flowers, I have also sown some some poppies too from seeds that the very kind Debbie from Serendipity Patch sent to me.


We are also beginning to get our tomatoes now and they are so sweet, nothing like a home grown tomato!


We’re enjoying our courgettes now too.


There is a lot of pleasure in coming back in from the garden with your own home grown produce!


There has been a bit of bunny-ing this week but nothing completed due to an upside down house and the work involved in putting it right! We have been decorating again, our bedroom, which is now finished and the room which was my daughter’s bedroom and is now going to become my craft room. So I am looking forward to that, although a trip to Ikea looms, in order to kit it out.


I did manage to crochet some flowers this week but they’re not finished yet either!


This is something I want to share with you all, this little bookmark arrived in the post this week, it is hand painted and extremely cute. It was made by Leonor of Felt Buddies on Facebook. She is making and selling them to raise money for two animal charities, one in the UK and one in Portugal. They are only £1.50 each + postage, are so pretty and are for two really good causes. If you have a minute take a look at her page.


So that was my week, same as usual, just the way I like it! Next week will be a little more lively, my son who now lives in Berlin will be home for a few days and we have a wedding at the end of the week. One of my daughter’s bridesmaids is getting married and she will be bridesmaid for her, it will be nice though to be just a guest this time around!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, thanks as always for dropping by, hope I haven’t bored you too much! 🙂


There are so many plants in my garden at the moment that are purple and green, like this beautiful Morning Glory!

It’s such a lovely colour combination and nature does it so well.


Clover, grown from a wildflower seed mix.




Buddleia ~ the bees and butterflies favourite!


Double petunias.




These trailing petunias are in a hanging basket in my front porch and the scent is amazing.


Eryngium, a very pretty little plant.


So taking my inspiration from nature, I got making!!

Hydie Collage

And this is what I came up with!

Meet Hydie, named after the beautiful hydrangeas on her skirt. Strangely, hydrangea is the one plant not blooming in my garden at the moment, I think I may have pruned it too much last autumn and although it looks healthy it has no blooms, maybe next year.

Anyhow Hydie is off to live in, very appropriately, leafy Cheshire!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, it has started off pretty dull here but ‘they’ promise sunshine later!

Happy weekend!!! 🙂


These are the Mourne Mountains, the mountain on the right of the photo is Slieve Donard, Northern Ireland’s highest mountain.


This is where “The Mountains of Mourne Sweep Down to the Sea” (a song written about the area).


This is the Irish Sea under a greyish sky which wasn’t like this all the time, the clouds let the sunshine in from time to time.


And this little town is Newcastle, Co Down, which sits at the foot of the Mournes.

All very calm and peaceful you would think!

Well it was until this ………………

Airshow 1

Aeroplanes! And lots of them too. We had come to the seaside to watch the Festival of Flight! I probably have mentioned it here before but I adore all kinds of flying machines, so this was a treat!

I have to say that all the photos of planes were taken by my Hb as my little point and shoot just couldn’t keep up with them and I would rather watch what was going on anyway, I took a few but Hb’s are much better!

Airshow 2

Airshow 3

Airshow 4

Airshow 5

Airshow 6

Red Arrows 1

Then my favourites arrived ~ The Red Arrows !!!

The skill of these pilots is absolutely amazing. I love the speed, the noise, the excitement of their display!

Red Arrows Collage

Red Arrows 7

Red Arrows 8

Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

Vulcan 1

The show then finished with a display from a Vulcan, which is the last of it’s kind still flying. It looked like a giant moth in the sky, an amazing aircraft!

Vulcan 2

Vulcan 3

It was a brilliant afternoon, exciting displays and it stayed dry despite some very grey clouds at times!

Thanks again Hb for the use of your photos.

Now as we are on a seaside theme, I thought I would share my two recent girls with you.

Marina Collage

This is Marina, who is on her way to live in Spain!

Shelley Collage

And this little lady is Shelley, who is going to live in England!

Thanks as always for dropping by!

Have a wonderful week! 🙂


There have been lots of little friends visiting my garden lately, all doing their bit to keep it going.

The only problem is the cats who think that these insects are there purely for their enjoyment, I’m afraid the cats haven’t been my garden friends recently at all, as I seem to spend most of my time shouting at them to leave the poor little creatures alone! I have witnessed them being stung a couple of times, unfortunately they don’t seem to learn from this.

Anyhow I have managed to capture a few of my garden friends to share with you!













They all love my purple buddleia, unfortunately though I have had to cut off all the bottom branches to give the insects a fighting chance. There are cats flying through the air all the time! As you can tell there is an on going battle in my garden at the moment!

The garden gives me a lot of pleasure though and a lot of inspiration too.

Summer Collage

My new little lady is completely inspired by my garden and summer and is why she has been named ‘Summer’, she has lots of little bees on her skirt and cardie!

Hope you’re all still enjoying summer too.

Thanks as always for dropping by and all your lovely comments.

Right I’m off out to patrol the garden again!

Happy new week! 🙂