September 2013


I still have flowers to show you, my little garden is doing its best to keep going and I suppose it will keep going until we get our first frost, which I hope is a not for a while yet.


Still lots of cosmos in bloom and sunflowers yet to open.

Sept flower Collage

Long may it all last!


There has always been a bit of a debate over whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable, personally I think they’re a fruit. I have quite a few of them ripening at the moment, so I’m finding things to do with them.


One of my favourite things to do is put them in a dish with onions, garlic, salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil and slowly roast them in the oven.


The aroma that this creates is wonderful, it always transports me to the Mediterranean! When they cool I liquidize them and add them to warm vegetable stock, I heat it all through and add cream to make my own cream of roasted tomato soup.

Carrie Carrot Collage

I’ve cheated a bit with the veg, it’s not real veg but a little bunny named after the vegetable that all bunnies love to eat!

Meet Carrie Carrot, who as I type is on her way to California to live in West Los Angeles close to the Pacific ocean!!
How lucky is that little rabbit!

Thanks as always for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments, enjoy whats left of the week and the weekend ahead! 🙂


Today is the autumn equinox and traditionally the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (although not according to the GRD calendar, we have another week to go yet)! This year, though, it looks like the Green Rabbit calendar is correct because it has been like summer outside today, so warm and sunny, not at all Keats- like.

Our mild weather has something to do with the end of Hurricane Humberto and it’s warm sub-tropical air out in the Atlantic, I’d like to thank Humberto very much and if he would like to hang around out there in the Atlantic until Next March, that’s fine by me.

I thought it was time we had another little walk in the park and check out the change in nature, it turned out to be a very pleasant walk indeed and I think I could get to like the change in season if the temperatures remained like this, the autumn colours look so much better in the sunshine and its lovely not to have to wear a coat!













So some autumn colours are beginning to appear but there’s still quite a bit of green around.

Hope you enjoyed yet another little jaunt around ‘my park’!

Have a great new week, lets hope it’s a warm and sunny one. 🙂


The postman brought me a lovely little package all the way from Germany, Berlin to be precise.


A lovely little parcel of chocolate from my boy… he knows me so well! 😉


Just perfect for a little treat with a mug of tea! Do you like my new Cath Kidston mug? Another little treat that I bought myself. I believe I’m deserving all these little treats to console myself at the passing of summer!!!!


Actually it was quite nice weather-wise here today and I managed a little bit of gardening and there still is a little bit of summer happening out there!


I even brought a little bit of summer inside!


I found this little family when tidying up outside today. They’re living in my hanging basket in my porch, I had wondered why there was always so much debris on my doorstep every morning, now I know why, they are very well disguised. Had it been a few weeks ago I would have re-homed them but the plants are nearing an end now anyway so I decided to leave them to it.

Just in case you were wondering what happened to the fudge bit of my post title, well here she is…………………..


Meet Fudge !!! She has a lot less calories than the chocolate does!


Right time for a little more chocolate………..well I have been busy outside today! 😉

Thanks for all your visits and comments!

Happy weekend! 🙂


This is the sky here today but I have to admit not all the time. All of a sudden it gets very dark and the heavens open and it pours down, its chilly too. I really would like to get out into my garden because as a result of the weekend’s high winds it needs a really good tidy up!

The tree against the sky in the above photo is my cherry tree, its still looking good, no sign of autumn yet. When its leaves do begin to turn it happens almost overnight, in no time at all they have turned to orange and then they drop off almost as quickly.

However it’s still happy to be green and the birds are still enjoying it too, only this morning I watched a robin, a pair of blue tits and a chaffinch flit about it’s branches!


It does seem no time since it looked like this though but it’s best I don’t dwell on that too much!!!


Only what seems a few weeks ago now it was covered in cherries!


As it’s an ornamental cherry we don’t eat the fruit, we just leave it for the birds. I remember one day watching a magpie sidle down a very spindly branch to get a cherry, it was quite funny as the branch wasn’t quite strong enough to support him!


Sad as it is to see the passing of the blossom and then the fruit, I do know it will be no time at all until it has come full circle again and even though I am trying to embrace the seasons (well the two I’m not too keen on embracing anyway), I can’t help but look forward to that!


In celebration of my cherry tree I have created a new little girl, who is of course, called Cherry!


Wishing you all a wonderful new week! 🍒


A bit of a reveal for you today, unfortunately the light wasn’t wonderful but I hope this gives you some idea of what my new craft room looks like. It isn’t a very big room but I think we have made the most of the space available thanks to good old Ikea. I have kept everything white for brightness with little hints of turquoise, teal and duck egg for a little bit of colour.


My little dresser is my favourite bit, I love being able to display all my crafty purchases and its a great place for storing all my fabric too.




If I don’t want to sit at my desk I have a little corner for sitting in to read my craft books, listen to music or watch TV, (I have a television in there too)!


Craft Room Collage

I have lots of storage space for my yarns, buttons, beads and ribbons and numerous other crafty bits and pieces and I love the fact that my sewing machine can sit out permanently. Hopefully now, I’ll use it more!

I am delighted with my new room, just need to be more productive now!


I’m going to leave you with my lilac and white freesias, they are the same flowers that I had in my wedding bouquet along with white carnations and purple heather ….. 32 years ago yesterday!!

Happy weekend, thanks as always for visiting and for all your lovely comments! 🙂


Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!

This is my new little girl and her name is Malina.

Malina means raspberry in Russian! Quite a pretty name, don’t you think?


Malina is made from a mixture of raspberry pink merino wool and a cream mohair mix yarn. When the two were crocheted together it reminded me of raspberry ripple ice-cream and this is why I chose the raspberry fabric for her skirt which then led me to look for a name connected to raspberries, hence Malina!

Malina is off to her new home soon!

Birthday Present Collage

Thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes in my last post! I received lots of lovely gifts and cards from my family, friends and blog chums too.

Malina Collage

Thanks as always for dropping in!

Have a great rest-of-the-week! 🙂


Hello everyone and hello September, how on earth did that happen!!!

Thankfully the good weather continues and according to the Green Rabbit calendar we are now in the last month of summer (it isn’t over yet)!!

The garden is still looking good with lots of flowers, tomatoes, courgettes and the odd strawberry.




Butterfly Collage

There are still lots of butterfly visitors and still lots of shouting at cats from me, to ‘leave them alone’!



I have no sunflowers in bloom yet but I will have soon, I don’t mind them being late, I like them in September, they look so lovely in the light at this time of year.


Still lots of warm juicy tomatoes, I’m going to miss them when they’re gone!


Not so much bunny making this week! I have legs for one and ……………….


……….a head and body for another! Hopefully I’ll get them finished next week.


This is the reason for very little bunny making this week, I have been busy sorting and tidying and trying to find a place for all my craft supplies, I didn’t realise how much ‘stuff’ I possesed!!

My new craft room is beginning to take shape, however the above photo is very deceptive, what you can’t see is the amount of stuff still on the floor!!

The first week in September also brings my birthday with it and tomorrow I’ll be another year older. In my head I’m still 18 so I’m listening to my head and forgetting about the birth certificate!! 😉

Thanks as always for taking the time to pop in and visit me, I love it when you do!

Happy weekend! 🙂