This is the sky here today but I have to admit not all the time. All of a sudden it gets very dark and the heavens open and it pours down, its chilly too. I really would like to get out into my garden because as a result of the weekend’s high winds it needs a really good tidy up!

The tree against the sky in the above photo is my cherry tree, its still looking good, no sign of autumn yet. When its leaves do begin to turn it happens almost overnight, in no time at all they have turned to orange and then they drop off almost as quickly.

However it’s still happy to be green and the birds are still enjoying it too, only this morning I watched a robin, a pair of blue tits and a chaffinch flit about it’s branches!


It does seem no time since it looked like this though but it’s best I don’t dwell on that too much!!!


Only what seems a few weeks ago now it was covered in cherries!


As it’s an ornamental cherry we don’t eat the fruit, we just leave it for the birds. I remember one day watching a magpie sidle down a very spindly branch to get a cherry, it was quite funny as the branch wasn’t quite strong enough to support him!


Sad as it is to see the passing of the blossom and then the fruit, I do know it will be no time at all until it has come full circle again and even though I am trying to embrace the seasons (well the two I’m not too keen on embracing anyway), I can’t help but look forward to that!


In celebration of my cherry tree I have created a new little girl, who is of course, called Cherry!


Wishing you all a wonderful new week! 🍒