October 2013


I love it when autumn behaves itself, our weather was very good over the weekend, we were very lucky to escape the storm that hit southern and eastern parts of the UK. So far this week it has remained lovely, I actually managed a bit of gardening today planting a few bulbs for spring and transplanting some plants that I grew from seed for next summer. I love being outside and the sun shining on me while I work is wonderful.

The garden is in that in-between stage, the sunflowers are finished but the cosmos is still blooming, little chrysanthemums are unfurling while the only bit left of my black-eyed susan are the black eyes. However the good weather makes keeping on top of the garden easy, as well as soothing my soul!!






Strangely, even though I’m enjoying the autumn (while it behaves), I am preparing for the next season around the corner, which is completely out of character for me as I’m usually a bit bah-humbug!!! (I do hope you haven’t fainted Jane)


Maybe its due to the number of folk wanting a Festive Bunny!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚

Sorrel Collage

This week I finished my five autumn bunnies, they hopped out of my Etsy shop last night in ten minutes flat, much to my amazement!!

Hetty Harvest Collage

I was delighted of course, it’s always a scary thing wondering if anyone will want them, if I have got the price right. Pricing…now there’s minefield, are they too expensive, well obviously not as they all sold. Am I charging enough, when I price my materials, Paypal and Etsy fees and my time, well probably not. I’m really thinking out loud here and I would value the thoughts of all you creative makers and sellers out there and buyers too!

Willow Collage

It is lovely that people do want them but the real pleasure for me is making them. I have been asked if I do custom orders but the fun for me is making them who they are, choosing their names and clothes, I’m a control freak really but I do like to make them to my own ideas.

Hazel Collage

Anyhow they all have new homes to go to now and I have started on a new lot of Christmas (there I said it)/ winter bunnies.

Amber Collage

I have spent today wrapping and tying and labelling, to get them all on their way.

Rabbit Wrap Collage

Thanks as always for your visits and for ‘listening’ to me and for all your lovely comments…wishing you all a very lovely weekend…and bye-bye to British Summer Time, I look forward to it’s return! πŸ™‚


I have been a very lucky girl of late as I have managed to win FOUR giveaways!!!

I won one just before I went off on my holidays and then I won a giveaway on the next three consecutive days after the day I returned. Lucky or what ??

The first one is from the very lovely Anne from A bit of this and that from PlumCreek22 Studio. Anne’s giveaway included napkins, notecards and a set of her gorgeous hairpins. You can find more of her beautiful hairpins in her Etsy shop!
Thank you so much Anne for the very lovely gifts!


My second win was from Gina, who writes the inspiring blog Fan My Flame. Gina is a very clever textile artist and I was extremely lucky to win her lovely make up bag which is so beautifully made. You can find more of Gina’s gorgeous makes here.
Thanks so much Gina!


The next giveaway to drop through my letterbox was from my lovely blog friend Jill who writes the blog, I Should Have Listened To My Mother. Jill is always busy crafting, should it be stitching, knitting or sewing. She very kindly sent me four fat quarters of beautiful fabric, nothing quite like getting yummy fabric in the post!
Many thanks Jill!


And lastly but certainly by no means least this lovely package of goodies arrived from Germany this morning from the lovely Karen of Katie-Claire’s Cottage. Karen writes a lovely blog about her family life in the Rhine Valley in Germany and about her beautiful creations. She sent me a lovely inspiring German magazine which is full of beautiful things and one of her amazing little owls, who is now adoring my craft room. She also sent some delicious chocolate, half of which you see in the photo is now gone…ooops!! You can see more of Karen’s pretty creations here and here.
Thanks so much Karen!

Now I have given you quite a few links here today but please do go and visit these very talented ladies, you won’t be disappointed, I promise you!

Thank you all so much lovely ladies for your beautiful giveaways, they are very much appreciated and enjoyed!

So a happy new week to you all, it’s grey and wet here today but I’m ever hopeful of crisp autumn days!
Thanks as always for dropping by! πŸ™‚


I’ve finally come to accept autumn and have at last let summer go, I think the week away in France was just what I needed, it was an extra week of summer that I was very lucky to get and now I feel more settled.

This week I have been sorting out my garden and have bought myself some cyclamens to replace the fading summer bedding.


When we came back this is what the top of our garden looked like, it seemed like our sycamore tree decided to do its leave shedding all in one go!!

ZinniaSunflower Collage

There are a few summer blooms hanging on, I found this little zinnia when we returned and the sunflowers, even when on their way out, still look good.


I have been decorating my craft room with some autumn decorations, some of which I brought back from France.


The little bunch of acorns were picked up on a walk in France, the chestnuts however are good old Northern Irish ones.


The little hedgehog was knit from Julie’s pattern.

Autumn candle Collage


When I was away I bought some lovely new bunny skirt fabric too and these pretty little jars for storing buttons and beads were only one euro each!


While shopping for my autumn decorations I thought I would bring a couple of extra ones for a little giveaway for my bloggy friends. I have been extremely lucky in giveaways myself recently (more about that in another post) so I thought it was time to have one myself. How do you enter the giveaway?? Well if you left a comment on my previous post you already have as its one of my secret giveaways. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and warm welcome back. I used the random number generator and the number it picked was……………………….


Comment number four, who was Jill.
The little hanging leaf and owl tealight holder will be on their way to you soon Jill.

Autumn Bunnying Collage

I’ve been bunny making this week as well and I hope to have a few autumn inspired bunnies ready very soon!


I rescued this bunch of cosmos from the garden this afternoon as the weather forecast for tomorrow isn’t too wonderful!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, fingers crossed for a dry one and thanks as always for dropping by! πŸ™‚


We really only decided just a few weeks back that we would return to the south of France for a little autumn break. We always go somewhere, usually at the end of August, beginning of September when we have both our birthdays and our wedding anniversary but this year we thought we would leave it a little later and go back to the Riviera. As we have never been at this time of year before we weren’t quite sure what to expect weatherwise but we needn’t have worried, it was beautiful!

I love everything about this place…..the sunshine…..the scenery…..the beaches…..the flora and fauna…..the people…..the produce…..the villages, towns and cities…..the palm trees…..and the peeling duck egg blue painted shutters!

This is a very picture heavy post so be warned but I hope you enjoy a little of what we enjoyed last week!



France Flora Collage




French Produce Collage




Negresco Collage





Boat Collage




French Window Collage


Γ  bientΓ΄t Riviera !


Just before I go off on my holiday I thought I’d pop in and share my latest bunny with you!

Her name is Pixie! I chose that name because toadstools always remind me of Enid Blyton, they take me back to the times when I read ‘The Enchanted Wood and ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ to my children, there were always lots of fairies, gnomes and pixies in those stories.

Toadstool Collage

Pixie has lots of red with white spots because as we all know, that’s what ‘real’ toadstool look like!!


She is already on her way to her new home!


I’ve made a start on my autumn ‘girls’, as you can see from my bowl of bunny tails.

The bowl, very appropriately is from France, which is where we are off to on Saturday for a week!

I’ll ‘see’ you all on my return, have a lovely weekend and thanks as always for your lovely comments!

Au revoir! πŸ™‚


Well it’s here, according to the Green Rabbit calendar today is the first day of autumn and it has arrived with a vengeance!!!

It’s no wonder that I like to hang on to summer, it is absolutely horrible outside today, if I had my way it would be spring/summer all year round.

Autumn colours are lovely but let’s face it, it is usually too wet to go out and enjoy them.

I have made some soup to help cheer me up, mushroom today, I think we may well live on soup until spring.

So I’m counting down now, not to ‘C’, no way, no my first countdown is a short one only 4 days until I escape to the south of France for a week away, happy days! Second countdown is 81 days until the winter solstice when things begin to change for the better and my final countdown is 91 days until pre-spring!




This little girl is my last nod to summer, her name is Marguerite, she has a little marguerite daisy button on her cardigan and I like to think that that’s a bunch of marguerite daisies in the bike basket on her skirt!


And finally one of my wonderful sunflowers, I’m really drinking in this colour today!!!!

Have a great rest-of-the-week lovely people and thanks for listening to me moan about autumn, I bet you can’t wait to hear me when winter comes, thank goodness there is only one month of it in the Green Rabbit calendar! πŸ˜‰